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What will Cengiz Under bring to this Leicester City side?

According to Sky Sports, [team 42] and [team 37] have agreed upon a loan move for [player 202002]. A loan fee of £2.7m has been agreed upon for the Turk. However, Roma want Leicester to sign Under permanently next year. Hence, this loan move will have the option to be made permanent next year. Roma will potentially sell him permanently next year for £22m

Sky Sports also reported that there are still various options being considered on a sliding scale of commitment from the buying club’s perspective.

For the last few years, [league 8] sides have consistently followed the Turk. In 2018, [team 19] came close to sealing his signature but the deal collapsed due to some issues. [team 6] also reportedly enquired for him in January, but they ended up signing [player 25776] from [team 682]. [team 14] were also linked with him for quite some time, but their priority now is [team 68]’s [player 538034].

Leicester’s deal almost looks done now, and the official announcement could be made in a few hours.

What will he bring to this Leicester City side?

Cengiz Under is a tricky winger with a gifted left foot. He is quick, and his movements in behind and in between the lines are excellent. The 23-year-old is a winger who can play well from wings. However, he is best when deployed on the right as his left foot than creates problems for the opposition. 

He is well known for dropping his shoulder and cutting inside on his left foot before shooting or crossing. This kind of play also creates plenty of space for the full-back, and Leicester play with attacking full-backs. Under’s tricks and movement would be well complemented by the right-back [player 62337]or the returning [player 96838].

Leicester City last season struggled to find a recognized right-winger. [player 1396] was usually the man to provide the width on the right side of the attack. However, given his lack of pace, Perez was highly inconsistent as he is more suited to a central role. [player 10601] looks excellent for the Foxes on the left side, but the rightwing remains a concern.

Leicester City hope to challenge for the European spots again this season. For that objective, the 23-year-old Turk would be an excellent signing for the Foxes.

The Turk looks set to move to Leicester City, but how will he fit in Brenden Rodgers's side?

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