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What should be West Ham’s target for next season?

At the start of this season, optimism was high among the [team 1] faithful. They started the season with great attacking performances and were tipped for a top-six finish by pundits around the world. Under the guidance of [coach 523898], the Hammers were on an upward trajectory. A 2-1 win against [team 14] was the point where everyone started taking this side seriously. 

All the optimism was destroyed hard when they lost to a lower-tier side in [team 297] in the [league 30]. A 4-0 demolition turned out to be a bit too much for the Hammers to handle. Later they drew away at [team 52] and then lost at home to [team 51]. They then lost four of their next five games before getting a shock win at [team 18]. 

However, a home loss against [team 42] was followed by the sacking of Manuel Pellegrini. [coach 455355] was appointed for a second spell as he won his first game in charge. Things didn’t go too well, but the job was done as the Hammers finished outside the bottom three. 

What’s next for West Ham United?

David Moyes is set to stay for next season. The club’s spending on transfers for the last three years has been sky-high. The lack of cohesion has led to multiple problems at the club. One of them is, the current players were inherited by Pellegrini, who plays a different style compared to David Moyes. Even the players struggle to adapt to two very contrasting styles. 

As per the spending, West Ham’s targets are clearly to break into the top-six. However, that’s not a realistic target for next season as the problems at various levels need to look at. It is fair to say that with Moyes at the helm, a relegation fight won’t be the scene next season. Although it does not mean that over-optimistic targets should be set. 

A top-half finish would be more than enough of an improvement for the club. The challenge will be hard with [team 27], [team 20], [team 21], [team 65] and [team 13] all having similar ambitions insights. With the quality players, West Ham have, they should be at least finishing in the top half. 

The question now is, when will this club gather some sought of consistency because their finances are huge. But can they steady the ship under an experienced manager, known for building a strong side if given time?

A top-half finish would be more than enough of an improvement for the Hammers. The challenge will be hard

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