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What championships to bet on in 2023

In 2023, there will be an impressive number of different sports that will not leave fans indifferent. From January to June/July, the champions and prize-winners of all the TOP leagues of playing sports will be determined. In order not to understand dubious football tournaments, it is best to focus on the most powerful and popular European championships, namely the Premier League, Bundesliga, [league 564] and Serie A.

A lot of attention is riveted to the English, German, Spanish and Italian elite football championship. So it is quite possible to find good rates by conducting a thorough analysis. If you want to make money on sports in 2023, the best way to do this is by registering with ro’yxatdan o’tish Mostbet. What to bet on in the four major European football championships?

Premier League

There was a serious struggle in the elite football championship of England in 2022. By January 2023, the strongest five were: Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester City, Tottenham and Manchester United. Chelsea and Liverpool were lower, but the Merseysiders and the Aristocrats will still try to compete for the UEFA Champions League spots next season.
Manchester Citizens have the best attack in the league and are not always reliable in defense.

In addition, in the fight for the championship, it is important for the “sky blue” to win often. So in fights with the participation of Josep Guardiola’s wards, it is advisable to flirt with the total more. A similar bet can also be considered in the battles of Arsenal and Tottenham. In 2022, in the games of these clubs, on average, more than three goals were scored per match. Liverpool show correct football and rarely get a lot of yellow cards, so the TM of yellow cards of the Reds can come in a lot of confrontations. Manchester United play more confidently at Old Trafford, and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, so during home battles you can play the success of the Red Devils and the Aristocrats.


In the German Bundesliga, the dominance of Bayern continues and, most likely, the Munich club will get another championship. It should also be noted the abundance of corner kicks and a small number of yellow cards from FC Hollywood. For the “silver” and “bronze” of the German championship, the struggle should be serious, because the separation of the second from the sixth place is five points.

Frankfurt Eintracht and RB Leipzig demonstrate open football and TB in the matches of these clubs should come in quite often. Borussia Dortmund play rough and get yellow cards on a regular basis, while Freiburg and Union Berlin, on the contrary, mostly play correctly.


In the strongest football championship in Spain, a stubborn struggle for the championship between Catalan [team 83] and [team 3468] is expected. At the same time, in the matches of the “blue garnet” it is quite profitable to flirt with the “top” “leopards” on yellow cards, and in the games of the “creamy” “bottom” of the “galacticos” on the same market. This is due to the rudeness of the representatives of Catalonia and the correctness of the players from Madrid.
It is also worth noting that Real Sociedad and Betis score a little and concede quite a few. Therefore, in the battles of the “royal” and “heliopolitans”, TM looks like the most logical bets. Although opponents must also be chosen not in the best way acting in the attack.

Serie A

In the strongest football championship in Italy, Napoli is striving for the championship and in 2022 the Parthenopeans have never lost. So the Neapolitan club may well win the Scudetto for the first time since 1990. Milan, Juventus, Lazio and Inter are trying to catch up with the Blues. However, the gap between the “little donkeys” is solid and the bet on the championship of Luciano Spalletti’s wards looks very promising.

The Old Lady and the Eagles play great defensively, and rarely give out “riding” matches, so the total in matches involving the Turints and the Romans is very logical. Milan and Inter often give out fights in which at least three goals are scored in 90 minutes of playing time. So, the red-black and black-blue bets on TB look very promising.

There are some leagues that the punter love the most. But are they the best ones to bet on?

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