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West Ham vs Liverpool (3-2) Match Summary: Extraordinary Hammers performances!

Team News

After their thumping win against [team 15], the hammers were unchanged. [player 581199] and Cresswell started at full-backs with the in-form Zouma partnering Ogbonna in the centre. Benrahma, Fornals and Bowen played behind Antonio. Vlasic and [player 204697] were out of the squad.

With Klopp looking to create a new unbeaten club record by going 26 unbeaten, he made four changes following that disappointment against [team 78]. [player 1461], [player 32640] and [player 4545513] all picked up injuries while [player 100556] was dropped to the bench. [player 1920], Fabinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jota came into the eleven.


The atmosphere at the London Stadium was rocking with the home side looking to win their fourth consecutive League game. The buzz around the place was thrilling and it pushed the home side to start the game on the front foot.

An unbelievable start to the game as [team 8] conceded in the 4th minute from a corner. It was eventually declared an own goal by Alisson but it was a controversial decision. The Liverpool players were appealing as they thought [player 1416] made a foul on Alisson which sent the Brazilian to the ground. However, after a brief VAR check, the goal was confirmed.

Liverpool responded well to conceding and were quickly on the front foot. [team 1] were under some pressure when another hugely controversial moment took place. Cresswell made a horrific challenge on [player 323] and everyone expected the red card to come out due to how high his foot was. However, surprisingly, it ended up with no cards for [player 1261].

Liverpool kept pushing and West Ham were also posing a considerable threat on the counter-attack with the terrifying pace of [player 1922].

With a few minutes remaining in the first half, Liverpool were awarded a free kick a few yards outside the box. Trent and [player 4125] stepped up with the duo combining brilliantly and they were back in the game. [player 1917] rolled it to Salah who stooped the ball which opened up the angle for the right back to curl it into the net.

The first half ended and Liverpool looked like the more likely team to score in the second half. West Ham were not winning the ball back and David Moyes had to change something.


Once again, it was the home side that started the half on the front foot. They were suddenly looking dangerous with [player 96426] and Fornals getting on the ball in key areas. Of course, the crowd was playing a part in getting the team up the pitch.

The better start did pay off for West Ham as they took the lead for the second time. [player 1592]’s work to dribble pass a number of Liverpool players before playing a lovely ball was excellent. His pass into the path of [player 186815] turned into an assist as [player 129820] made another error and the home side were in front again.

Now it was backs against the walls for West Ham and Liverpool were in desperate need of some more creativity. As a result, Klopp replaced [player 850] with [player 31857] in hopes of more control and creativity. The change did see Liverpool’s fullback get higher up on the pitch but West Ham’s shape was excellent.

Seven minutes after the second goal, West Ham scored their third and it was another set-piece. Once again, Liverpool were terrible in defending the set-piece as [player 1316] was unmarked, making a free run to the far post before scoring a free header. Alisson was again at fault and Trent was poor as well. The right-back didn’t even try to block Zouma and kept watching the ball while doing nothing.

With things getting desperate for Liverpool, Origi and [player 52671] came in for [player 159917] and [player 96099] respectively. [player 1472] scored a beautiful goal to get his side back into the game. A lovely first touch and then a powerful finish into the corner by the substitute encouraged his side to keep pushing for another goal.

With the game nearer to the end, Liverpool were awarded a free-kick. Trent delivered a delightful ball to the far side and [player 1389] had a huge opportunity to make it 3-3 but somehow he missed the target and that was it for the reds.

An incredible West Ham United performance with the Hammers now in solid contention for the top four.

Fixture Details: [fixture 18138761]

What did the managers say post-match?

[coach 455355] said, “It is a brilliant victory against a really good team. We played Thursday night too and to put in a performance with the energy to hang in at the end is great for the players.

“Liverpool have been so good with the ball, I think they have improved. We tried to shore up a bit, I didn’t like a bit how we played in the second half so we did a little change and it worked. Klopp continued, “We played so well in the second half. We got three goals and on another day maybe could have got more.

“Last year we tried to get at them and they picked us off sometimes so we had to be a bit patient.

“I remember when I came everyone said the London Stadium was not the same. Everyone in football knows if you can get a team winning and trying every game you will get supporters backing you wherever. The supporters backed us today.”

Liverpool manager [coach 455353] said, “The first goal is a foul on the goalie. The arm goes against Alisson’s arm so how can he catch the ball when someone pulls his arm away? It makes no sense. It’s the typical excuse that VAR says it’s not clear and obvious but then what do you need?

“What can (Alisson) do? That’s why the goalie is protected in moments. If a player goes up with his arm for a goalie that’s an important position of the body and if that’s in the way how can he make a save?

“People will say I’m looking for excuses, I’m not. I accept we’re not too good to lose football games. Today we lost it, that’s not nice but I accept it. But when we speak about situations in a game you just need normal decisions from a referee. He didn’t do that.

“Cresswell? For me it’s a reckless challenge. Even though he touches the ball, you can’t go in like that as anything can happen. You can say he touched the ball but you have to control your body.

“Those two situations were influential in the game but in the end West Ham fought for the three points. They are not responsible for the decisions the VAR made.”

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With that stunning win against Liverpool, the hammers are now a point above the reds and in third place.

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