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Watford provides stadium for NHS

Corona crisis in the UK is speeding up and the whole community needs to stick together. [team 25] sets a great example and offers the Vicarage Road stadium to the British health service (NHS) free to use.

“We have to forget about football now and concentrate on doing everything we can to support the NHS,” Watford boss Scott Duxbury said in a message. “Being close to a hospital as a football club gives us a great opportunity to help, and we’re happy to support NHS staff and their families wherever we can.”

As mentioned in the message, Vicarage Road Stadium is located right next to a hospital making the facility a strategic spot for the corona fight. The premises are to be used for introductory courses for medical personnel and for childcare, as meeting or storage rooms.


In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Watford has offered its stadium and all club rooms to the British health service NHS for use

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