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Was Luis Diaz the best option or have Liverpool made an error?

Who is Luis Diaz?

The latest [team 8] signing, Luis Diaz from Porto, is one of Europe’s best-performing players this season. The Columbian has been excellent for [team 652] in [league 462] with 18 direct goal contributions in 18 games [14 goals & 4 assists].

His pace, power and clinical ability in the final third is his primary weapon as a winger. Also, his work rate is brilliant, which is one of the main reasons [coach 455353] opted for the 25-year-old winger.

Have Liverpool made the right decision?

Despite Liverpool’s success under Klopp over the past four years, one major criticism is their lack of spending. Liverpool’s net spend before signing [player 241036] was around -3 million, which is extraordinary considering what they have won. The partnership of Micheal Edwards, the sporting Director and Klopp has worked wonders for the cub.

However, as lovely and inspirational as this story must be, this model is not sustainable. Evidently, Liverpool collapsed last season due to injuries and had no backups in multiple positions. Liverpool fans are now getting frustrated with the spending of FSG with Man City, [team 18] and [team 14] splashing the cash to improve the squad. On the other hand, Liverpool have stood still for quite a while now. Yes, they did sign [player 31857] and [player 100556], but it was clear they needed more. This has added frustrations to Klopp’s interviews which have been evident for some time now.

Liverpool have been heavily linked with [team 71]’s [player 160258] for a few months now but haven’t made a move yet. They are in a similar situation with [team 1]’s [player 1592] as well. Klopp is reportedly a fan of both the wingers doing well at their respective clubs. In fact, Liverpool fans were desperate to see their club sign at least one of them.

However, as it has turned out, the reds have opted for a player from another country as they have done in the past. There are a lot of questions to be answered regarding this deal. Still, after the way Klopp has improved players like [player 4125], [player 1461], [player 1389], and [player 159917], fans are optimistic that the manager will once again work wonders.

Liverpool’s remainder of the season has suddenly become more hopeful, with [team 9] dropping points at [team 65]. Liverpool won their game against [team 51] and are now nine points behind City with a game in hand. The reds are yet to visit the Etihad, which will be a huge game for the reds.

Also, the [league 2] is still something realistic that Liverpool are more than capable of winning. Luis Diaz’s signing could be pivotal in boosting the squad’s morale as they will enter in a period with significant pressure and no margin for error.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the transfer window about to close, Liverpool have pulled off Diaz’s singing as they defeated Tottenham and Man United in the race for the in-form striker.

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