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Varane says goodbye to his fans at Real Madrid

What did Varane say?

[player 95807] made a post on Instagram in which he wrote: “After 10 incredible and wonderful years at Real Madrid, a club that I will always carry in my heart, the day has come to say goodbye.

“Since I arrived in 2011, together we have exceeded all expectations and achieved things that I could never have dreamed of. I would like to thank all the coaches and all the people who work or have worked at the club for everything they have done for me.

“Many thanks also to all the Madridistas who always gave me a lot of affection and with their great demand they pushed me to give my best and fight for every success.

“I have had the honour of sharing a dressing room with the best players in the world. Countless victories that I will never forget, especially ‘La Decima’. I realise that it has been a great privilege to have been able to experience such special moments.

“Finally, I want to thank all Spaniards and especially to the city of Madrid, where my two children were born. This country will always be special to me. It has been an incredible journey in every way. I leave with the feeling of having given everything and I will not change a single thing in this story of ours. A new chapter begins.”

Ramos also posted an emotional message for Varane

The former Real Madrid captain posted on Instagram: “Dear Rapha, I can only thank you for these years of friendship, companionship and triumphs, and wish you luck in a new stage that will surely be exciting. If we face each other, always with the team of your country, right? Take care.”

How much will Madridistas miss these two gems?

[team 3468] dominated the 2010s decade. Four [league 2] titles and three of them in a row were an absolutely fabulous achievement for the club. In 2014, they defeated local rivals [team 7980] when [player 184941]scored that stunning last-minute equalizer to take the game into extra time.

In 2016, Real Madrid again defeated Atletico, this time in a penalty shoot-out. The following season, they comfortably beat a [team 625] side coached by Allegri. In 2018, the famous final in Kyiv also resulted in a Real Madrid triumph when [player 4125] was substituted due to an early injury. Two of the three goals that the Blancos scored were howlers from [player 4817].

Those three seasons, with the same squad under [coach 407775], were delightful days for Real Madrid fans. In 2018, [player 580] left for Juventus, and Zidane resigned, and the decline was about to begin. They still managed to win [league 564] in Zidane’s second spell as manager, but they were dreadful in European competitions.

The contribution of the Varane-Ramos partnership to the success of the club is immense. The way they used to complement each other’s strengths was brilliant. Ramos was the more aggressive one, the more physically imposing one, and Varane was the quicker one he used to cover the space in behind. For areal battles, Ramos used to challenge most of them, and Varane used to cover the space to pick up a potential second ball. Their distribution was also second to none.

A new era is set to begin at Real Madrid, and the absence of two of their legends will be felt among the fanbase.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

One of the biggest fans’ favorites, Raphael Varane bids farewell to the Los Blancos fans through social media.

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