Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Value bets manual

First of all free mathematical value bets and free football predictions at Rowdie are 2 similar entities. While predictions evaluate the probabilities of an outcome based on a fully automated machine learning algorithm, value bets look at how the odds change in time. Both services are accessible to paying customers only.

Imagine you have 2 teams. Imagine both teams have a certain squad power through years. Let’s say bookmakers set the odds for 7 previous matches at 1.5 and suddenly match number 8 shows odds 1.7 increase. Is there any good reason for that? Our algorithm checks that and if not, you see the match in the list of value bets.

Introducing fair odds feature

In the table of value bets notice the bookmaker’s odds compared to fair odds and recommended stake amount. The stake is helping to manage the risk that the model would take in the bet. It is somewhere between the Kelly bet and the Markowitz theory.

To support the decision power we display one important hint – the odds coming from our football prediction model. If the value bet and the prediction support each other, you most likely found a significant value bet.
Value bets and football predictions at Rowdie are 2 completely independent entities. Read the value bets manual before betting for real

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