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Trevor Sinclair believes Pochettino would be the right man to succeed Pep at Man City

What did Trevor Sinclair say?

Speaking on TalkSport, [player 660] said, “You look at him and he knows how to deal with egos. He seems to have a fantastic rapport with players.”

“It doesn’t matter how big the players are, we have seen him managing (Lionel) Messi, (Kylian) Mbappe, and Neymar. So on that side of things, I think he is safe hands.

“He is a charming man and I think he comes across well in the media.

“I actually feel that Manchester City might be the club for him. I think he might have a bit of a sabbatical now because I’m sure he is not struggling for finances.

“But I think Manchester City could be the one for him. If Guardiola walks away at a certain stage, that might be a hot seat ready to take for Pochettino.”

Would Pochettino be the right choice for Manchester City?

[coach 455358] is a manager whose stock has fallen badly in the past couple of years. After doing an impressive job at [team 65], he was hired by Tottenham in 2014. His Tottenham side was one of the best Tottenham sides in the history of the club despite not winning any major honors during his five-year tenure.

Under his guidance, Spurs made it to a historic [league 2] final in 2019, losing to [team 8] in Madrid. They were also serious challengers in the [league 8] title race on a couple of occasions. However, they once fell short of [coach 455384]’s [team 18] and against [team 42] in 2016.

Despite not winning any trophy, his [team 6] side was one of the best teams in Europe for a good length of time. The emergence and improvement of multiple young players were among the most exciting things about his Spurs side. Another thing he was famous for was playing beautiful football, which is key to becoming a modern-day manager.

One thing [team 9] would want in their next manager is the philosophy of playing possession-based football. Another quality they would look for is someone who improves young players. These are the attributes Pochettino is a master at.

However, his trophy record is one of the biggest concerns about Pochettino. He didn’t do a great job at [team 591] despite having a squad filled with world-class players. However, this is something a lot of top managers have failed to do.

Apart from having a great record in terms of major honors, Pochettino has a lot of qualities that Manchester City would look for. Also, with [coach 456113] not at [team 14], there aren’t many options out there.

Overall, Mauricio Pochettino would be a good choice for Manchester City as a replacement for [coach 455361].

Author: Devashish Akolekar

Having just been sacked by PSG, Pochettino would look to return as a manager, and former City player Trevor Sinclair has encouraged the Argentine to become the next Manchester City boss.

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