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Treble winner Teddy Sheringham speaks about the current state of Man United

What was said?

After the defeat to [team 9], Sheringham said, “When you’re playing for a manager that some people are thinking ‘He won’t be here at the end of the season, I don’t really have to try my hardest. He’ll be gone, I’ll work for the next manager’, there’s vibes like that you can see all over the pitch. Players are getting left out. ‘Is he injured? Is he not?’

“There’s just problems at the club, and I think that comes from the leadership in the football club.

“You look at Manchester City. They are being led by a top man that is devoted to Manchester City being better. The best that they can be.

“When you look at Manchester United, they had an interim manager ( [coach 524307] ), they sacked him. They get another interim manager in, what’s going on at this top football club? What is going on?

“And that filters down. If you’re getting someone who’s there for the long stay and the desire to make them better, everyone can follow with you.

“But when it’s not, it makes it hard for everyone to follow in that same way because it’s going to change at the end of the season again we’ve got to start again with another manager with new ideas again.”

Will Manchester United finish in the top four?

At the start of this season, [team 14] were expected to challenge for the [league 8] title. However, after the thumping win against [team 71] in the opening game, it has been downhill for the red devils.

After the win against Leeds, Man United announced the signing of [player 580], which led to more belief in claiming a major trophy this season. However, what followed was horrible. It would be massively unfair to put all the blame on Ronaldo, but there is some truth in this factor.

As far as this season is concerned, [coach 19960383], who came to [country 462] with this huge reputation, is having a poor time so far. Lack of attacking inspiration and childish mistakes all over the pitch, along with terrible attitudes of celebrity individuals, has led to the fans’ frustration.

Finishing in the top four is all they want now. However, that is extremely unlikely. [team 19] are a point above United with three games in hand over the red devils. [team 6] are two points behind Man United with two games in hand. Also, with very few games remaining, Arsenal and Tottenham are looking in much better shape than United.

Of course, a lot can change in the space of weeks, but Arsenal and Spurs having games in hand makes the future look depressing for United.

If United drop to the [league 5] once again, attracting a high-quality manager and top players will become harder. Also, they could lose players such as Ronaldo and [player 95807]. They won’t be excited by the idea of playing in the Europa League.

I think it’s easy to predict that United won’t finish in the top four. If they do, it would be a brilliant story, but at the moment, they are a terrible football team, with players having self-interest and a board that does not care.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

After another embarrassing defeat in the Manchester derby against City, Sheringham shared his thoughts on the club.

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