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Tottenham set for a significant summer overhaul?

What’s in the news?

According to The Daily Mail, [coach 455375] is set to plot a major defensive overhaul this summer. However, the club will have to sell players to raise funds for potential incomings.

[team 6] are one of the most damaged clubs due to the unprecedented pandemic. The club announced losses of £63.9 million in November 2020. Due to all the financial issues, the club will have to offload plenty of its players to raise money to sign young players in the summer.

Sportsmail also reported that the club’s hierarchy has made it clear that players must be sold before buying new players. However, selling won’t be as easy as before, with other clubs struggling financially for the same reasons.

What are Tottenham’s plans?

Mourinho has stated plenty of times that he is not satisfied with his side’s defensive performances. A lot of defenders at the club are not good enough to play the style that he demands. Also, their no.1, [player 1014]’s form, has dropped massively in the last eighteen months. To improve the squad further, Jose will need younger and better defenders as well as a new goalkeeper.

Which players are likely to leave?

The club’s current longest-serving player, [player 1271], is set to depart after spending 14 years at the club as his contract expires in the summer. [player 95094] is another one whose Tottenham future is in doubt as Jose’s frustration has kept growing due to the full-back’s inconsistent performances. He is the first choice right-back, but that’s due to the lack of options in that position. Offensively he is not bad, but his defensive weaknesses make him a liability in a Jose Mourinho team.

[player 941] is another member of the squad who the club could sell to raise funds. Mourinho has always liked the Argentine midfielder, but with his age close to 30 and another Argentinian’s emergence in [player 97664] will force the club to sell Lamela.

Club captain Lloris is also expected to leave this summer with the club looking for a new keeper. Lloris has been one of Tottenham’s best servant’s for the last decade, but it seems like the time has come for both parties to part ways. His form has dipped, and his age makes him likely to get sold. Again, this is another attempt to raise money for incomings. Youngster [player 335705] has also failed to impress Jose and could be sold for the same reason as Lloris and Lamela.

[player 251] is another player who is costing Tottenham a lot of money in terms of his wages without contributing significantly on the pitch. His lack of tracking back is a part of the reasons why Jose doesn’t trust him on a weekly basis. The Welsh star is costing Spurs somewhere near £250,000 for his weekly wages. To pay someone that high who is not good enough to play every week is not something that Tottenham can afford to do. Besides, Bale has already admitted that he will return to [team 3468] to his parent club next season.

[player 463153] was signed on loan with an option to buy only if he impressed his manager. However, he has failed to do so without being too much at fault as Jose didn’t give him enough game time to prove himself. Not easy to get him on the pitch when the club has got arguably Europe’s best striker in Harry Kane. Tottenham will have to pay £36 million to permanently sign Vinicius, which they will not pursue.

Some of the well-known players, such as [player 922] and [player 1711], have fallen out with Mourinho and are looking for potential suitors in the summer. Alli is attracting some interest from his former manager [coach 455358] from [team 591]. The 25-year-old is one of Tottenham’s biggest assets and will allow the club to recover good money. Meanwhile, [team 214] are looking to sign Winks in the summer, with the midfielder losing his place to [player 1744].

Above all, Club legend and talisman [player 997] is the player with the biggest question mark about his future. The 27-year-old has made it clear that he will think about his future after the [league 1326] in the summer. Multiple reports also suggest that if Tottenham don’t get into the top four, Kane will depart. If he leaves, he will bring a huge amount of money as Spurs have reportedly set a price of £120 million for the English sensation.

Potential summer signings for Spurs?

Tottenham will look for a new centre-back, a right-back, as well as a goalkeeper. As far the keeper spot is concerned, [team 510]’s Casteels is one of the top names on the list. However, Spurs will only go for the Belgian if they fail to sign [player 2763] from [team 27], who is still their first choice. Pope could cost them above £30 million, and if that happens then, [player 31551] will be in the priority.

With Vinicius returning to his parent club, [team 3319]’s [player 1548028] is the player they have identified to bring in. A potential backup for Kane or maybe their first choice striker if their talisman decides to leave. [team 2930]’s [player 130142] is their primary target for the centre-back position, with the likes of [player 2461] and [player 3259] as potential backups.

With a critical summer approaching for a rebuilding side, a lot has to go right; otherwise, another unsuccessful [league 8] season would be too much to handle for a club that is already struggling to keep up with its finances.

After a horrible season on and off the pitch, Spurs are set for a major overhaul in the next window as per various reports.

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