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Top four not a target anymore? Lampard is aware of the pressure he will be under next season!

Chelsea’s summer activity

This summer’s transfer activity will live long in the memories of the Chelsea fans. After a two-window transfer ban, Chelsea’s intent was evident this summer. [team 18] signed a total of six new players in a single window. 

In February, [coach 95] completed his first signing in [player 24288] from [team 629] for £36m. [player 31833]’s transfer followed in June with the German international moving from [team 277]. The fee agreed between both the clubs was £47.5m. Later, [player 1601]’s arrival was confirmed from [team 42] for £50m.

Chelsea signed the experienced [player 95792] on a free transfer. [player 96765] also came in for free. The summer transfer was probably announced when Chelsea confirmed the signing of [player 32612] from [team 3321] for a fee of £72m. The total expenditure exceeded £200m. Still, various reports suggest, Chelsea are still in the market for a goalkeeper.

Is Lampard aware of the pressure next season?

After signing the quality players that Chelsea have done, the top four won’t be enough to please the fans. Winning the league looks over-optimistic, but a significant challenge to [team 8] and [team 9] would be satisfying for the Blues fans.

Lampard is aware of the pressure that could come on him next season. However, being a former Chelsea player himself, Lampard is quite used to this kind of pressure. 

In an interview with the High Performance Podcast, Lampard said, “I’m very aware that a club like Chelsea, even though we had a transfer ban, even though the year was difficult, expectations are going to go up hugely,”

He added, “And I just have to accept that as part of the job and try and go about my job as well as I can. And then if I am having relationships, between managing up (to the board) or managing around me, I have to be as good as I can with those because they’re really important.

“Because the tough times will come, and I’ll rely on those, all of those little ones. And it might not be managing up; that might be managing the kit man or a member of staff around you.

“I’ve seen how the dominoes can fall very quickly. And I think if you isolate yourself as a manager, or you don’t want to open yourself up to all of those relationships along the way, I think they fall much quicker.”

The Chelsea head coach is well alert to the hype that is generated among the fans after a high spending summer

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