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Toffees captain Coleman speaks on Rafa’s appointment

What was said by Seamus Coleman?

Speaking to the Sunday World, [player 764] said, “Everton fans see a man who’s come in and managed Liverpool and made that comment that you mentioned.”

“I also know Everton fans are a very supportive group, they get behind every manager that we’ve ever had and they’ll get behind this manager because ultimately we all want success.

“Like anything in football then, it’s all about results and I’m sure the manager will get some good results for us and we can all move forward from the talk of the summer and what his previous ties were as well.

“We’ve all got to fully get behind the new manager and try first and foremost to impress him and get into his plans and try and be successful for Everton Football Club because that’s what we all want. That’s what the board want, that’s what the players want, that’s what the manager will want and it’s what the fans will want.

“What’s disappointing for me is we’ve had so many managers and change over the years.”

“Ultimately that’s a reflection on the players, I don’t think that’s always a reflection on the manager. I have been there for 10 or 12 years so a lot of that can be a reflection on me.

“We are crying out for that success and we’ve not got that recipe yet for whatever reason. I do believe that the club will win a trophy very soon. I don’t know how soon but that’s what we are all looking for.

“The manager has won trophies most places he’s went. He had a great time at [team 214], he won stuff at [team 18], we know he won stuff at Liverpool. He did well with [team 20] and won a cup with [team 597]. So he’s a successful manager and I think as a club we’ve got to get behind this. We all want the same thing.

“We’re going into a new stadium very soon. We’ve got the financial backing now we didn’t have many years ago and we’re still trying to figure that out.

“It’s not like everything needs to be ripped up now and go again. But I do know every manager is different and he’ll want to put his own stamp on things as quickly as possible and bring his own style and his own philosophy. We all need to be as well prepared as we can.”

Evertonians’ Frustration

After appointing [coach 455800] the season before last, expectations around a long-term project were high among the [team 13] fans. Last season, they had a great start to the season. A team built around the creativity of [player 96091] was looking exciting. Also, [player 5141]’s improvement under Carlo was solid.

A strong start soon saw a dip in form, and eventually, they finished 10th in the [league 8], which was far away from the expectations. However, the improvement of young players and the calmness of Ancelotti was keeping the fans on board. As a result, a good summer window and a top-six finish next season was the expectation.

However, Carlo’s departure was one of the unlikeliest things to have happened this summer. [coach 407775]’s exit from [team 3468] meant the Spanish giants were in the market for a top coach. Ancelotti, who has already won the [league 2] with the Los Blancos, decided to return.

It was an absolute heartbreak for the Evertonians. Their global fanbase was devastated to hear the news. They awaited an active summer window and a push for a top-four finish, but Carlo’s resignation was heartbreaking for the club’s fans.

Now, with the appointment of a [team 8] legend, the fanbase is even more distressed. However, Rafa’s tactical flexibility could help them get closer to the top six or potentially top four. Frustration over this news is understandable, but if [coach 455387] manages to do something historical, then the relationship with the fans could get a lot better.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the controversial decision of Moshiri to appoint Rafa Benitez, their club captain has had his say

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