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Three more points for Real Madrid to become Champions of Spain

[team 3468] had a weird season by their standards, but they have the chance to finish it with glory this coming Friday. The season began with optimism as their star signing [player 1331] covered all the headlines. Little everyone knew as what followed was probably the worst season in the Belgian’s football career. One goal and three assists in 15 League appearances were far from what was expected from the World Class winger. [player 251]’s issues continued with [coach 407775] as the Welshman had another season as a substitute.

The one bright spot was [player 93948], as he has scored 19 goals in 35 appearances along with eight assists to his name. [player 184941] was again the man for the crucial moments. His goals in the last few matches have helped his side to edge the 3 points as they recorded consecutive 1-0 wins with Ramos scoring the winning goal. He has 12 goals in all competitions, with ten coming in [league 564]. The skipper has also scored six penalties in the League itself.

Are Real going to dominate the next seasons in La Liga?

The improvements Zidane made defensively somehow went unnoticed, but its impacts are there to be seen. They won 6 games with the final score being 1-0, which shows their improved robustness. The midfield lineup kept changing, but the presence of youngster [player 260862] was crucial in this season’s running. The front players fairly under performed, but Benzema’s consistency helped massively.

There were times of worry and uncertainty, and it increased even more of late. Real Madrid were not looking reasonably convincing, but they kept grinding out the wins as Champion teams usually do. It can be said that they had a fairly average season by their standard. This title can do a whole lot of good for the confidence of this young side, which is still in its building process.

The start of next season looks optimistic as Eden Hazard will return to match fitness. [player 26823] seems set to return after having a brilliant season with [team 594]. The squad under Zidane’s leadership shows significant signs of a bright future. The League title might be the start of a new era as one more win will guarantee them as the new Spanish Champions.

The squad under Zidane's leadership shows significant signs of a bright future

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