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Thomas Tuhcel says there is too much work to do this summer

What did Thomas Tuchel say?

Speaking to the club’s website, Tuchel said, ‘I cannot go on holiday, it’s impossible.’

‘There are too many things to clarify and have an opinion on. It’s not necessary to do everything in person but the first days I will be here anyway and around because my children are in school so the holidays will start with a bit of a delay.

‘It’s also normal in a situation like ours that you stay in contact and you have the possibility with Zoom and FaceTime to have calls, share opinions and to move on forward because we need to.

‘We don’t really know what’s going to happen – if we are able to sell, do we want to sell, do we have a chance to get alternatives? The situation is not only for us as the ones responsible for the rebuild and for transfers, it’s also for the players a strange situation.

‘You could feel it over a long period of time. We managed to put it aside and keep the focus but the longer it got after the international break, it had an impact on us and it still has. Let’s see when we will finally have the chance to act and make up because the disadvantage in terms of timing for the rebuild is big and we have to be fast and smart.’

‘The plan is if they play for their national teams, they will come back one week later than the rest on 9 July.’

‘Hopefully, we can do this and have everybody for the pre-season because it’s a pre-season where you have at least four weeks together and not a lot of groups are coming at different timings.

‘It’s more or less two groups and then we have to be quick to adapt to the qualities and the personalities of any new guys.’

‘It will be a super tough race,’ he added. ‘Manchester United will be in the race, Tottenham will be in the race with Antonio Conte for sure, and we want to stay in the race. Liverpool and [team 9] do everything to even make their squads bigger and they set the standard so high.

‘This is the challenge in which we compete. We have a huge disadvantage in the moment but it’s not decisive yet and there’s no need to make excuses now. It’s just the situation in which we are in and we have to be as quick as possible.

‘Right now it’s unsatisfying because our hands are tied and we cannot act (in the transfer market) as we want. We have clear ideas for the profiles and the characteristics of these players but there’s normally a lot of work to do and it will be the same to be competitive next season. While everybody else tries to close the gap to us and while the two top teams are what they are – a benchmark of consistency – this is the situation and from there we will do our best to be competitive.’

What to expect from Chelsea next season in the Premier League?

[team 18] have finished 3rd in the [league 8]. A season that started with high expectations following the [league 2] triumph has ended in a disappointing manner. The off-field issues with [player 995] and later with the club’s takeover have not helped the situation for [coach 523937]. However, despite all of the issues, the German took his side to two cup finals but lost against [team 8] on penalties on both occasions.

The time is quite uncertain for the club and the fans right now as there are a lot of doubts regarding the new owner’s investment into the transfer market. Lukaku is likely to leave this summer along with [player 31837], who would be a massive loss for Chelsea.

For his replacement, Chelsea are in talks with [team 676] for [player 337394], who is an excellent young centre half. Tuchel would also like to sign an attacking player who can add a few more goals to the side.

[coach 455384] did an unbelievable job at [team 6] and will look to challenge the top three next season. [team 19] have also improved well under [coach 307]. [team 14] could also be a force if [coach 456113] gets it right from the start.

It’s hard to predict how Chelsea are going to look at the start of next season. They need a few reinforcements in a variety of positions, but it’s unclear how much the new ownership will invest.

Considering the current situation at the club, a top-four finish wouldn’t be too bad, with other teams around them getting better. However, if the summer goes well and they invest correctly, Chelsea could compete for major trophies next season.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

The Chelsea boss has confirmed he will work right through the summer without going for holidays after he lost too much time during the takeover saga.

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