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The most common reasons why people in South Africa use online betting bonuses


In a world where there are multiple betting websites, choosing one over another is not an easy thing to do, no matter your experience. Many companies simply have the same services, especially in South Africa, where the market is growing rapidly.


Although most sites have the same products, there are some exceptions because some companies in the country focus on bonuses. Speaking of such things, the BoyleSports bonus for new users is a good example of an offer for South African players that they can’t find on some iGaming platforms. This makes the company a bit more popular than the rest.


Not all bonuses are the same. If you read the Terms and Conditions carefully, you will also realize that most of them are not even worth it. Nevertheless, people seem to like using bonuses because more and more websites feature those things on their platforms. With that said, here are some of the most common reasons why gamblers in South Africa decide to use such things. 


They think the promos will help them


One of the big misconceptions about gambling bonuses in South Africa, as well as in any other country, is that those things can help people while betting. Users see that a given offer grants additional cash and/or free bets or free spins and assume that the operator is giving them this to help them.


While it is true that users can play for a bit longer due to the extra amount or free bet/free spin, this is not what these bonuses are for. In fact, they are there to lure people into playing.


If you read the rules of a given gambling promotion, you will see that there is always something known as a wagering requirement. This is a special condition that requires people to use the amount they deposit and the bonus amount several times before they can withdraw it. The fewer times they need to use them, the better because having a high rollover requirement increases the chances of losing. Needless to say, most operators have high requirements so that people can’t withdraw their deposit and bonus.


They use an offer because it is available for a limited time only


If you look at other industries in South Africa or other parts of the world, you will see that they use a variety of marketing tricks to lure their customers. One of them is scarcity and the fact that something is available for a limited time only. When people see this, they often decide to give it a try just because it will not be available later on. Of course, this is usually not the case.


A lot of gambling websites in South Africa and other places started using those “marketing tactics”. As a result, once you enter the promo section, you will discover a wide range of offers with the sign “limited offer” or something similar that indicates the given deal is only available for a couple of days or weeks.


Whether these offers are worth it is a topic for another day, but people who have enough experience will see the flaws from miles away.


Sometimes, people use bonuses because the operator advertises them outside of its site


Whether we admit it or not, ads affect our purchasing decisions, and those for online gambling are not an exception. Nowadays, a lot of websites advertise their services and try to show people everything they have. Usually, they do this by offering a lucrative promotion.


People who are not experienced in online gambling and do not know how the industry works think that these offers are good and decide to give the operator a try, which means they fall into the trap. 


The easiest thing you can do to avoid this situation is to read the Terms and Conditions of the particular promotion. Learning more information about the deal and all of its special rules will help you decide whether it is worth using. If you are not sure, you can always use some of the popular forums or something else to get help.

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