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What are the best football leagues for betting?

This list is no more a tool to use. We moved on further to save you time.

What is your job after the update? You have to click on the fixture you would like to bet on. In the tab predictions you will see straight away if the match is worth betting or not. If you for example see 3.50 (40.20%) anywhere in the table, you know that there is that there is 40.20% value in that bet and our predicted fair odds are 3.50. This way you are saving lots of time, but this is not it. By the end of january we are bringing the full list of value bets in the separate table, so you only bet without wasting your time on searching.

Our football predictions today are not perfect through the whole list of all World’s football leagues. The bookmakers struggle the same, since some leagues do not really follow any clear logic when it comes to results predictability. Below you can see the list of leagues with high 1X2 market predictability and from my experience this means more than 12% in revenue*.

Betting on the football leagues with a high and good predictability gives you a chance of much better betting results. Leagues with medium predictability consider just like a hint and do NOT go for values under 20%.

Ok, but how do I use that tool? Simply compare the odds with those of your licensed online bookmakers and bet on those where the odds of the bookie are higher. The columns Predictability and Predictive Power are easy to understand expressions of scientific Hit Ratio and Log Loss.

[league-predictability high]

Now the list of league where we are doing Good

As the name “good” suggests, the results are slightly worse than great, but still acceptable.

[league-predictability good]

*There is still a risk of losing your stakes. Betting is about probabilities and must not be considered investment. I have seen leagues going down from high to poor many times.

The list of football leagues showing the best results when it comes to win in sports betting

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