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Solskjær accepts United need new players for next season

What did the Man United manager say?

[coach 524307] said to the reporter, per sky sports, “No. We need to get better, simple as.

“We’ve done really well this season to come through a difficult start and no pre-season, losing three of the first six games.

“We pushed in the league and got closer to the top than we thought at that point. And we got to a final but you need to win these finals to make it a good season.”

“We, who are here now, need to do better, work better, harder, cleverer.

“But two or three players to strengthen the starting XI and the squad altogether is important for us to go even further. I’m sure our challengers will also want to improve, so we’ll improve as much as we can.”

Where did Man United struggle this season?

This season, [team 14] finished second, 12 points behind champions [team 9]. After a dreadful start to the campaign, the red devils were not expected to finish in the top four. The defeat to [team 51] and the 6-1 humbling to [coach 455375]’s [team 6] at Old Trafford contributed to the club’s one of the worst starts in seasons.

However, they slowly picked up some form and became experts at come back wins. In a number of games, they went behind a goal or two, but somehow they always found a way back to win the three points. It showed a strong character about the team and their talisman; [player 129602] was in the centre of it.

However, City’s run, which started in December, was ruthless as [coach 455361]’s side kept winning and United were inconsistent. Despite being exceptional away from home, the red devils were not any good in home games. They finished the season unbeaten away from home. Only the fourth side to achieve that mark. However, their home form was a major reason behind the big points difference between them and their local rivals.

Could next year be their year?

Manchester United still look a good way behind Manchester City. Also, with [player 1743] and [player 323] returning for Liverpool next season, the Merseyside reds will be much better. [coach 523937] has also elevated [team 18]’s level, and next season, they could add a striker and look the real deal.

To compete with all of them, United not only need a world-class first eleven but also need a formidable backup for crucial positions. For example, right now, If Bruno has a bad game, United look slow and ineffective going forward. They need more creativity, more pace and have to play at a higher intensity.

Also, a better defensive partner to [player 2884] will be essential with the rumours about [player 380970] and [player 95807] looking prominent. Possibly, another goalkeeper would also be important, but it should not be their first priority. [player 538034] look set to move to England from [team 68] with a couple of [league 8] sides heavily interested.

Solskjær’s coaching ability have been backed by a strong domestic season. However, the horrible display in the [league 5] final will have a huge effect on the club’s transfer situation.

Maybe, next season United could be the real deal, but they will not be beating [team 8] and Manchester City to the League next season without adding more strength in depth. Also, it will be a significant summer for the manager as it seems next season could be the decider regarding his status at the club.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

After a disappointing end to the season, Solskjær says new players will be needed to challenge next season.

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