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Roy Keane criticises Man City’s big-money signing, Jack Grealish

What was said?

Speaking with ITV, Former [team 14] captain and club legend, [player 6971111] said, “I think it’s crunch time for Man City over the next few months.”

“Jack’s had a few injury problems, (and has) probably been criticised a little bit for his off-field stuff but I think what Jack has to do is grow up and get the trust of Pep. He probably hasn’t got that yet, same with [player 18645], I don’t think Gareth ( [coach 474589] ) trusts him that much yet.

“(It’s a) good opportunity for him (against [team 254] ). Whatever Jack’s doing off the field, it does take its toll when you’re an attacking player, it’s another opportunity for Jack. I do think it’s about time he grew up.”

Why is Grealish struggling at Manchester City?

[player 1116] was one of the most exciting players in the league for the past two seasons. Since [team 15]’s promotion to the top flight, Grealish’s performances were excellent. It was always a matter of time before he left for a [team 2] club. However, seeing him move to [team 9]was a slight shock for many fans.

A move to Manchester United was always talked about, and also [team 18] were in the conversation. The reason behind City being a surprise was Grealish’s style of play. [coach 455361]’s team is all about quick one or two touches passing, while Grealish is more of a dribbler. Although not completely suited to City’s way of playing, Grealish was an amazing player.

Another big reason Grealish is struggling is the lack of a focal point in this Man City side. At Villa, he constantly linked up with [player 12145] to break defences. At City, the free-flowing style is somewhere confusing Grealish in his decision making.

Still very young, Grealish could improve a lot under Guardiola as he is still new to this tiki-taka system. Let’s not forget, [player 971] was also quite a similar player to Grealish when he moved to Manchester from [team 42]. It took some time, but now Mahrez is one of their key players.

Roy Keane’s words are not false. With too many unbelievable players in the squad, Grealish might take some time before excelling in his game because there is no doubt that Jack Grealish is a magnificent footballer.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the 100 million pound move looking a huge flop till now, the former Villa captain has been criticised by Roy Keane.

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