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Ramsdale is keen on becoming the next Arsenal captain

What did Ramsdale say?

While speaking to FourFourTwo, the Arsenal goalkeeper said, “Listen, I’d take the responsibility but that’s down to the manager.

“We’ve got a lot of strong characters, though, and a lot of people who I think would be good captains.

“Just to be told ‘you’re in a leadership role’ – I’d relish whatever. You never turn down a captaincy and I think I’d excel if I was given the armband, but that’s down to the boss.”

“With [player 31342] pushing me every day, I know I can’t sit back and take it easy, because he’ll take the number one spot off me just as quickly as I took it off him.

“He’s been good with me – we fight for the same spot, but we have each other’s backs too. For me, it’s not about what happens months into the first season – I’d prefer to be judged four or five years down the line.

“I thought (that becoming the number one) would be a process of four months, maybe a year, but I was ready. I felt settled straight away, knowing some of the lads, and the manager made it so easy for me by saying, ‘Just go and play your game.’ Once I’d got in, it was so comfortable for me to do my stuff.

“The fans have been absolutely amazing with me, too. There was obviously a bit of unrest when I signed – people were talking about me being a second-choice goalkeeper, costing a lot of money and the relegations – but that just gave me added motivation to win them over.”

Arsenal’s captain issues!

We are in the third year of Arteta’s regime at the club. There is a big divide in opinions among [team 19] fans regarding the club’s progress under [player 307].

When he joined mid-season, he won the [league 24] beating [team 9] and [team 18] in the process. Beginning for the following season, Arsenal won the Community Sheild by defeating the [league 8] champions, [team 8].

However, since then, Arsenal have been consistently inconsistent. Although, during this period, there were countless controversies surrounding the club, which played a part in this inconsistency.

That horrible moment when [player 1887] took off his jersey while being substituted when he was the captain. Following the long-lasting [player 1430] situation. Also, [player 97087] was having trouble with his relationship with the manager. [player 31739]’s recent problems with Arteta were also not encouraging.

However, despite all the inconsistency and unnecessary off-field issues, Arsenal finally found a structure on the pitch. Arteta’s side are performing to new heights under Arteta. Due to no European football this season, they are able to focus more on the League. They have done well as the fourth is in their hands.

Also, the youth wave at Arsenal is taking shape brilliantly. The average age of the starting eleven most of the time has been below 24. [player 16827155], [player 26823], [player 9438], [player 3259], [player 172960], and many more excellent youngsters are excelling under Arteta. They are still quite a few years away from their prime, which is encouraging for the gunners.

If they qualify for the [league 2] and invest well in the summer, we could be closing in on the return of Arsenal football club as a proper challenger.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the Arsenal captaincy being in the headlines for so long, Arteta is keen to find a long term leader for this young side.

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