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PSG and Real Madrid playing poker for Kylian Mbappé

Cards have been dealt and Real Madrid is playing with better ones

For the last couple of months there have been rumours about the transfer of 21 years old Kylian Mbappé from PSG to Real. The real question was not supposed to be “if” but rather “when”. Originally the mega transfer was supposed to occur in the summer of 2020, but Coronavirus changed the situation in a hard way.

These days most of the clubs struggle with financial issues and Real Madrid is not an exception. The strategy of Florentino Pérez – bringing each year a mega star to Real making it a new “Galácticos”, seems to be postponed but there might be some advantage for Madrid in this situation.

Originally the transfer amount was expected to be up to 300 million but this money in recent days of crisis is simply unrealistic. As Mbappé still did not extend his contract, which is valid only till the end of 2021/2022, PSG might want to lower the price and receive at least some money from Kylian.

There are two reasons why Mbappé wants to leave PSG. First is the inability of PSG to win the [league 2] and the other is the “not perfect” relationship with the team manager Thomas Tuchel.


Kylian Mbappé indicated a possible transfer from the French football club at the end of last May. He said he wanted to take on more responsibility for the future. “I feel the time is right for that. I hope it will be in PSG, because I would be very pleased. But maybe it will be elsewhere with a brand new project,” 

In the current season he played in a PSG jersey together 32 competing matches in which he scored 29 goals. The International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) estimates its market value at EUR 250 million.

Originally the transfer amount was expected to be up to 300 million but now it might be even less than a half

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