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Predictions For Each Match Of The Eighteenth Week Of EPL 2023/24


The Premier League has taken on a whole new turn over the weeks, seeing the rise of Aston Villa to the top three and Manchester City falling to the fourth position. Standings on the Premier League table remain uncertain, with the least expected underdogs playing surprisingly well against big teams. Everton, which was in the bottom three following their penalty, has worked their way out with an unexpected winning streak against Chelsea, Newcastle, and Nottingham Forest.


With these unexpected turns of events and newly-found motivation from teams, it’s becoming trickier to predict accurate outcomes of these matches. However, you can always trust our analysis at, which gives you up-to-date predictions considering the team’s form, motivation, and previous match results. Our expert football analysts have come up with predictions for the upcoming eighteenth gameday of the English Premier League. We have some of the most thrilling lineups, including the most anticipated faceoff between Liverpool and Arsenal. We take these matches as ordered through the weekend in the following headings.

Crystal Palace Vs. Brighton

The first match of the eighteenth gameday is this faceoff between Crystal Palace and Brighton. So far this season, Brighton Hove & Albion has had a pretty decent run for an underdog team. They’ve stepped up in matches against big teams, drawing against Liverpool and beating Newcastle and Manchester United in previous weeks. Brighton sits in the top ten and is in good form to take on Crystal Palace.


On the other hand, Crystal Palace has had an abysmal run, with more than seven losses so far in the competition. Their form is poor, and their motivation is low enough that we’re predicting they lose to Brighton Hove & Albion in this upcoming match. Brighton has a good chance of delivering at least two goals against Crystal Palace; hence, you should bet accordingly.

Aston Villa Vs. Sheffield United

Of all the teams in this competition for this 2023/24 season, Sheffield United has had the worst run. They’ve spent a fair amount of time sitting last at the table with two wins, two draws, and twelve losses to their name. All indications point to them getting relegated again, and their coming match against Aston Villa isn’t going to help matters.


Aston Villa has shocked fans of the English Premier League this season, having a streak of wins matching the leaders of the league table. They currently have eleven wins, three draws, and two losses. This record even rivals the reigning champions, Manchester City, which has ten wins, three draws, and three losses so far. With the current form and spur of the team’s previous wins, our football predictions see them beating Sheffield United with nothing less than at least three goals.

Manchester City Vs. Brentford

It would seem as if Manchester City became too confident in the past weeks, leading to mistakes in matches that have cost them points. Their run so far includes a 4 – 4 draw against Manchester City, a 1 – 1 draw against Liverpool, a 3 – 3 draw against Tottenham, and a 1 – 0 loss to Aston Villa. While the competition for this record has been against Premier League big names, it shows that the team has weak points to work on. 


In this coming match against Brentford, we expect to see Manchester City back in the form we know, scoring at least two goals to snatch three points. Brentford is one of the smaller teams in the League, with five wins so far in the competition. They sit in the bottom ten and are not in the best form against big teams like Manchester City. 

West Ham Vs. Manchester United

West Ham United started strong at the beginning of the season, showing great potential like Aston Villa. However, they’re currently tethering at the brink of the top ten with seven wins, three losses, and six losses so far. On the other hand, Manchester United has had a tumultuous run, recording unexpected wins and losses. For instance, they recorded a 3 – 0 loss against Bournemouth, a 2 – 1 win against Chelsea, a 1 – 0 loss to Newcastle, and a 3 – 0 win against Everton.


It’s quite unsure what to expect from Manchester United in this upcoming match with West Ham. However, we know West Ham will give it their all and have a better chance of winning this game. But to be safe, stake on a draw.


Image Credit: Sky Sports

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Everton

Tottenham Hotspur currently sits in the top five on the Premier League table, showing a strong drive for the title of the Premier League champion. They’ve won nine in sixteen games, drawn three, and lost four. On the other hand, Everton was recently docked ten points, sending them straight to the bottom three of the league. However, they’ve worked their way out with three consecutive wins against Chelsea, Newcastle, and Nottingham Forest.


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