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Peter Crouch warns Liverpool regarding Mane’s and Firmino’s potential departure

What did Crouch say?

Speaking to the Daily Mail, [player 239] said, “I wouldn’t sell any of them. Why would you even think of doing that unless one of them wanted to go?

“I understand Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino have not hit the heights we have expected of them this season but that doesn’t mean their time is up.

“It staggers me that we live in a world where cancel culture is growing by the day.

“A player is out of form for a season? Sell him. A manager underperforms? Sack him. It’s a miserable way to go on and let’s just put what Mo Salah, Mane and Firmino have achieved in context.

“They are the front three who brought the title to Liverpool after 30 years and there is plenty of life in them still.

“I bet you if Mane or Firmino went somewhere else, they would be exhilarating.

“Jurgen Klopp, for one, will not be in any hurry to let them go.”

Liverpool’s front three’s lack of form

This has been an incredibly unusual season for [team 8]. After being one of the best for three-four years, they have been in chaos this season. They hope to finish in the top four after running away with the [league 8] last year. Two seasons with unbelievable points total are followed by a season of unprecedented global problems as well as multiple injury issues to major players. Poor form for their star players resulted in a horrible run of results, especially at home. After being unbeaten for over 60 games at Anfield, Liverpool lost six in a row.

Apart from the defensive issues created due to the injury to all of their senior centre-backs, many questions have been raised about the lack of form of the famous front three this season. The front three that was immensely consistent for three years is now going through a rough spell.

[player 1389] is probably the biggest surprise of all. The Senegalese international is 7 goals short of his tally from last season. [player 1461], whose role in [coach 455353]’s set-up is probably the most unique and also significant. The Brazilian’s form has kept dipping for the last 18 months, but his work rate without the ball has always been excellent.

[player 4125], however, has kept his numbers on a high once again as the Egyptian king competes with [team 6]’s [player 997] for the golden boot. Right now, Salah is two behind after Kane’s brace against [team 13].

Overall, one bad season should not determine everything after a highly successful three years. However, with all the three being at a very similar age, the club has got some big decisions ahead.

The former reds’ player believes that the current three are far from finished.

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