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Pep Lijnders says he sees a future captain in Trent

What was said by Lijnders?

Writing for the, Lijnders said, “We’ve had some of the lads who were injured at the end of last season back with us, including Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“I’m so proud of Trent. He was this natural technical talent when he was just 15 years old. He had all the characteristics I loved: a mentality to win, passionate to improve but his emotions sometimes took control instead of him taking control over the emotions. He trained with so much power and competition.

“He grew step-by-step into the wonderful guy he is now, surrounded by a lovely family, he created this superb personality. He has this aggression in a positive way. If someone represents this quote of Bill Shankly it’s him: playing at the highest level isn’t pressure, it’s a reward.

“I still see the same fire in his eyes in each training, but I don’t see this young guy anymore; I see a leader, I see someone who controls his emotions, a future captain. A leader by example. The best clubs have one thing in common, a ‘one club’ mentality. The culture spreads through all departments. It’s great that our talents, the real ones, can make these steps together with our team.”

Will Trent return to his best this season?

[player 1917] has arguably been the world’s best right-back for a few years now. Jurgen Klopp’s influence in his development is immense. The Liverpool coaching team spotted Trent in the academy, where he was a midfielder. During that time, Liverpool’s first-choice right-back was [player 1202], who was having constant injury issues, and [player 1453] was playing as the right back. However, Gomez’s attacking influence wasn’t enough, and [coach 455353] wanted someone who can deliver the ball with quality consistently.

They spotted Trent, who was a midfielder and then did a few months of specific training for him to teach the movements of a full back. He then came into the side, had some great and some poor performances.

Over the past few years, on various occasions, Trent has been heavily exposed. Due to how brilliant Liverpool have been, Trent was the only potential weakness in the side. As a result, every team targeted him and the space he used to leave while making offensive runs.

However, he always played on the side where [player 323] used to provide the defensive balance by covering the space left by Trent. Also, the pace and power that [player 1743] and Gomez possess was another reason why Trent was always safe.

Last season, when Liverpool went through an injury crisis, Trent’s performances were criticized on a weakly basis in the British press. He didn’t have Henderson alongside him; he didn’t have Gomez or [player 1920] or Van Dijk in his backline. There were various rational reasons behind his statistical decline, and his body language was showing that.

Towards the end of the season, [team 8] won 5 games in a row, and they bulldozed their way into the [league 8] top four. This also included a stunning win at Old Trafford against [team 14]. The attacking form of the front three returned as [player 1461] began to prove his worth again. [player 1494396]’s robust performances were another reason behind Liverpool’s form.

Trent’s performance towards the end of the season were fantastic. His crossing and his clever passing and movements had a significant effect on the side. The incredible winning header scored by [player 129820] against [team 10] came from a corner that Trent himself took.

[coach 474589] selected him for the [league 1326], but that didn’t go well. The right-back picked up a major injury in a warm-up game. He eventually missed the tournament due to the same injury.

With the new season about the begin, Liverpool’s title ambition will have a massive influence on the performance of their star right back.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

Jurgen Klopp’s no.2 has praised the character of the club’s academy product, Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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