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Pep Guardiola admits defeating Liverpool would be more difficult

What has been said?

After the crazy game against [team 7980], Pep told BT Sport, “Today we celebrate because it is the third time in Manchester City’s history we are in the Champions League semi-finals.”

“But we can’t forget we played three days ago, travelled, came here, have a lot of injuries now and I don’t know what will happen in the next weeks.

“We cannot play all the time and score four or five goals, we are human beings – we come from a difficult game against Liverpool.

“We are in big trouble.”

Do Liverpool have the upper hand against City on Saturday?

This ever-entertaining rivalry is set to take place again but this time in the traditional domestic cup. After their enthralling 2-2 draw in the [league 8], they face each other in the semi-final of the [league 24].

However, this time both teams are coming into the game in slightly contrasting situations. Both have progressed through to the semi-finals of the [league 2]. However, the circumstances they did it under were quite different. [team 8] comfortably won the first leg 3-1.

The second leg was great entertainment with 3 goals each. In this game, Klopp made several changes to rest his key players. With [team 9] playing either side of the second leg, he had to make sure the fitness level of his key players.

However, the situations for Pep were more difficult. They won the first leg by a single goal against [coach 452946]’s Atletico. The second leg was a hard-earned 0-0 draw as City scraped out the win. It was a hectic and exhausting game that ended in physical fights among both teams and staff members.

[coach 455361] could not rest his big players and as a result, could struggle against Liverpool on Saturday as [coach 455353]’s first eleven will be in a better physical condition.

It will surely be a highly competitive game that will be played at a high intensity. However, it is worth noticing that Liverpool will be in a much better condition than Man City.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With Klopp and Pep set to face each other again in the FA Cup semi-final, the City boss says his side is ‘in big trouble’ ahead of the Liverpool clash.

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