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Oxlade-Chamberlain speaks honestly on his situation at Liverpool

What was said?

Speaking with LFC TV after their crucial win at Burnley, [player 850] said, “I’ve felt pretty good for a while now, but for whatever reason it’s not been so easy with opportunities.

“Sometimes that’s part of football, it’s not what you like.

“I’ve been kicking myself, trying to push and ask questions, but sometimes it doesn’t always go your way.

“The main thing is I stay focused. I’m absolutely delighted to be a part of this team and play for this football club, and that’s what I want to do.

“That’s all I’ve been focusing on really, trying to make sure that I work as hard as I can for the boys. Keep training well, keep giving the manager decisions to make, as the other lads have in a similar position to me at the minute.

“That’s all we can do, keep our heads down and whenever we get the opportunity, like tonight, I went on there and did something positive.

“I’d have liked to have done that a few more times coming on this season, but you have these spells in football sometimes and the main thing is I’ve been through difficult moments in my career.

“Just being fit and healthy for a start, that’s always a good thing and gives you a base to work off.

“I’ve tried to work as hard as I can, keep my head down and keep believing in what we’re all trying to do here which is qualify for that top four.

“Any time I get the opportunity to help, I’ve got to make sure I’m ready to do that.”

Will he move this summer?

The once highly-rated midfielder picked up a serious injury against [team 37] in the [league 2] semifinal in 2018. Prior to that injury, he was one of the best midfielders globally and a regular member of [coach 474589]’s [team 18645] squad. Since that injury, he has hardly played consistent competitive football, and more injuries have followed this season as well.

During his time at the club, Oxlade-Chamberlain won a [league 8] title and a Champions League but without contributing much on the pitch.

He did score a superb goal against [team 27] last night, showing his incredible talent. However, it is not going to be easy to break into this [team 8] side. We all know how good he can be given his effective versatility and rapid dribbling.

Still only 27, he has time to make a return to form, but the question is, will that happen elsewhere?

[coach 455353] has been heavily supportive of Oxlade-Chamberlain and has always acknowledged his abilities as a player. The German manager will want him to stay but cannot guarantee regular football.

A few Premier League clubs have shown their interests, but no one is totally keen as of now. He may end up staying at Liverpool or could opt for a loan spell elsewhere.

With the summer window approaching and the midfielder lacking game time, he opens up about his frustrations.

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