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Only little hope for the The Canaries: Norwich City vs Southampton match preview (June 17, 2020)

With only 21 points for 5 wins and 6 draws is [team 33] the last team of the [league 8]. The chances to avoid relegation are still here, but with a recent form of Norwich this will not be easy. [team 65] on position 14, being 7 points ahead of the danger zone is for now fine. The goal however not yet achieved, the next season for Southampton in the Premier League is still not safe. A period of bad results might bring a lot of stress and the result of the [fixture 11867522] fixture tells a lot about it.

Looking at the statistics of how the punters are betting. Interestingly 23% of them believe in the win of Norwich and slightly over 70% of bets have been placed on the away win of Southampton. The football prediction algorithm of Rowdie suggests the following odds:

  • Home win Norwich 2.81
  • Draw 4.07
  • Away win Southampton 2.51

Comparing the predictions with the odds of many big British online bookies (3.14), we have calculated the value bet as high as 11.7% when betting on Norwich. Do we go for that value? Looking at the last matches, the defense of Norwich can be quite efficient (e.g. [fixture 11867482]), but last time the team scored more than one goal in the [league 8] you have to go as far as December (I know there was a 3 months break).

You can access the details of Norwich City vs Southampton fixture via the prediction tab in match details or through the football prediction section. The predictions are being calculated with sophisticated self learning algorithms delivered by real data scientists. We are comparing our predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. Please note, the odds of your bookie might be different.

Comparing the predictions with the odds of a bookie (3.14), we have calculated the value bet as high as 11.7% when betting on Norwich

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