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Online casino tournaments: a way to try your luck

Competitions in online casinos are one of the ways to increase the overall income from slot machines. Slots for participation are not specifically reconfigured, their return corresponds to the one declared by the manufacturer. The opportunity to play slot machines and tournaments in total can give up to 97% of income, like a traditional game, but in addition the winners receive a large amount. On a large best slot sites for winning uk, tournaments are held regularly – at least once every two weeks, the administration announces the launch of a new event.


For the administration of the gaming hall, an online tournament for money is another opportunity to demonstrate loyalty to guests. That is why the events are made as large as possible so that anyone can participate. Most competitive casino events have general rules:

  • there are no restrictions on the level of the player in the loyalty program (status);
  • there is no commission fee and entrance fee for participation in the event;
  • weekends are chosen for the event so that work or study does not interfere with participation;
  • democratic minimum levels of rates and the number of mandatory rounds are determined;
  • there is no separation for players from different countries.

The main thing is that the winner is not the one who won more for a certain period of time, since he already received his worthy reward and is satisfied with those who made more bets. The player can simply scroll the same amount several times and get decent prize money in addition to the one won on the machines. Even those who are not fond of high roller strategies and excessive risk can become a winner. Moreover, most casinos actively promote responsible gambling and reasonable rates within the budget planned for entertainment.

Descriptions of tournaments (past and just announced) are on the corresponding tab. On the same page, you can see what prizes the club is preparing for the participants of the new competition, what date the start is scheduled for and how the Tournament ended. What did the winner get? – all information about completed events. The main rules and conditions of the tournament are encrypted in short descriptions:

  • theme (scheduled regular or dedicated to an event);
  • duration (day, weekend, holiday week);
  • minimum bet (amounts that count or their absence);
  • requirements for participants (level for VIP events)

The most interesting information is the size of the prize fund and the number of lucky ones who will get into the standings. The amount allocated for the participants will be divided among the first places in accordance with the agreed proportions. The casino administration tries to ensure that at least ten participants receive additional money, although there are usually only three largest prizes.


The leadership of the gambling club does not welcome protracted events. It gives a report that online gaming tournaments, like the entire gambling platform, are just entertainment. It should not affect the quality of life in real life, and players who can afford to spend days at the computer should not have a clear advantage. Popular tournaments:

one-day – timed to coincide with a sports competition or memorable date;

regular weekend tournaments – class from Friday evening to Sunday evening;

long holidays – up to a week, for example, coinciding with the New Year holidays or a regional lockdown.


The tournament is non-binding. You can play your favorite slots and accidentally become a winner if the selected slot is included in the tournament list. But most experienced players prepare for the event in advance:

  • study the mechanics of the simulator, in practice calculate the nature of the return;
  • check the variance volatility in order to correctly calculate the minimum bet;
  • they check which promotions for additional points coincide with the dates and replenish the account.

The last one needs to be done. The main condition of any tournament is that only bets are included in the electronic offset of the competition.

Useful information you need to know before taking place at a casino tournament

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