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New exciting features at Rowdie

You are the most important part of our community and all the updates are made for you. We see our audience growing and getting back daily. Rowdie, the football betting portal went live in the worst possible period. Yes – March 2020 – period with no football and people worrying about more important stuff than watching games. One day, when we look back – and we know one day we’ll look back, all the passion for the game comes back. In the meantime we are doing our best to make Rowdie to the greatest websites dedicated to football betting out there.

Updates November

Team statistics

We are happy to introduce detailed team statistics, which went live on November 22, 2020. From now on you can enjoy the data support you need for creating even more accurate football forebets. Now you can take advantage of the general statistics, activity statistics and in a few more days we show you even more details such as Scoring minutes, goals conceded minutes, goal line, list of injured players, list of top scorers or transfers.

Left side bar

Scrolling for miles is now over. We changed the side bar to show/hide so you can take a look only on leagues you are interested in. This small change allowed us also adding more leagues to the menu.

Background changes

Rowdie page is faster, more accessible than ever before. With some major optimisation changes the data loads much faster than any other football oriented page out there. Having trust issues? Compare it!

Updates October

Live Commentaries

There are dozens of games you are not able to watch simply because they are not live on tv nor anywhere else. Some which are to be found are many times pay per view. If you however don’t feel like paying or can’t find what you want to watch anywhere out there, we are introducing our live commentaries. Every 30 seconds we give you an update about most of the fixtures in the Following Leagues: [league 8], [league 2], [league 5], [league 9], [league 564], [league 301], [league 82], [league 779], [league 384] and some more (we keep on adding new ones).

Detailed player statistics

Finally we can share with you all the important player statistics through their career. Recent form and rating is a strong hint when deciding who to bet on and with this we are filling a significant blank space we owed you. By the end of October 2020 we have it all complete.

Feedback widget

We would love to hear your feedback. If you don’t tell us what you are lacking, you most likely won’t get it. Some members of our community share their ideas over our blog page, but we need more input from you. See the yellow box on the right side? Please click on it and share your ideas with us.

Performance improvements and bug fixes

We are working with a huge amount of data and with quantity there is always a space for errors. With the October updates we fixed the most important issues we had. And not to forget – thank you for pointing it out.

As for our betting tools, we are proud to present our best performing value bets with new bookies added to the list. Make sure to check our every day results – YES we are evaluating our results to show you our results. As far as I know, we are the only ones doing it. 

Forebets for Today and Tomorrow and League by League

Are you struggling to filter out the fixtures that are to be played today or tomorrow? There was a problem, but not anymore. The new features are here to introduce the forebet predictions today and forebet predictions tomorrow. Are you interested in forebets of specific leagues? We have the land and league specific lists. Feel free to chose from the side bar.

Big updates on Rowdie have been done in October. Live commentaries, detailed player statistics and feedback widget. What's next? Detailed team stats is a big project

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