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Nat Phillips ready for defensive competition at Liverpool

Phillips on the return of Liverpool’s star players

Speaking to the Daily Star, “That’s nothing new in football, you’ve always got high competition for places.

“Obviously with those boys coming back and seeing them play again, it is nice to have them back in front of you and be able to try to pick things up again, like I always used to and try to learn from their games when you see them in training.

“You’ve got to view it as an opportunity.

“They are three of the best defenders in the world – you’d be daft if you didn’t take that opportunity to try to take on new things yourself and try to learn things from their game.”

“I think so, now that those first few weeks are out of the way where you’re regaining your fitness and you’re getting used to the high intensity after a long break, you’re adapting your body.

“Once that’s out of the way, you’re sort of champing at the bit to get going now and you want to use what you’ve been developing over those few weeks, that you feel physically ready.

“Then you just want to kick on.”

Will Nat Phillips get proper game time this season?

Whatever happens with [player 1494396] in the future, Liverpool fans will never forget his contribution to the performances and results that got [team 8] a place in the [league 8] top four. Phillips did also have some moments where he was at fault. Nevertheless, with no experience alongside him, he had to take responsibility for the backline, and he did.

He is a much different kind of player than Van Dijk, Gomez and even [player 100556]. He is a typical old school centre half, not as fancy as many of the so-called modern centre-halves but massively efficient in his style. Phillips is aggressive, physically powerful, has got a great leap and loves to make a challenge.

Several people have said that he won’t play as he is not suited to [coach 455353]’s style of play. However, people forget that without him, Liverpool wouldn’t have finished in the top four. Of course, he hasn’t got the passing range and the turn of pace like Van Dijk, [player 1453] and Konate. Phillips also isn’t good at coming out with the ball like [player 1743].

Phillips might not play as much as he did last season. However, after what he did for Klopp’s side last season, he deserves an opportunity to prove his worth among the other world-class defenders at the club.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the return of star defenders, Phillips is prepared for hefty competitions.

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