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Mohammed Bin Salman’s takeover of Newcastle United

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is close to takeover of [team 20] for £300 million. The bid for the [league 8] team has been accepted by the current owner Mike Ashley.

There is a lot of resentment towards the deal from many sides and the best way to explain it is to ask…

Who is Mohammed Bin Salman

With just 34 years, the crown prince Bin Salman has an estimated personal wealth reaching almost £2.5 billion and the amount is still growing.

Amnesty International have previously stated that Mohammed Bin Salman acquiring a Premier League football club or any club from [country 462] is simply a case of sports-washing.

The kingdom stands accused by Amnesty International of vast human rights abuses. Torture as punishment, executions, no free speech and gender, sexual and racial discrimination have been listed among its violations.

Bin Salman has been accused of being the architect of the war in Yemen. The crisis is ‘the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time,’ according to the United Nations.

Dictatorship is not expanding to England

but… the presence of Mohammed Bin Salman within something as important as football in England is for sure a good PR for [country 35376]. With the right tools this might throw significant glamour on the prince and romanticize or idolize the system and him as a person.

Looking at the recent shape of Newcastle United, the right tools would be for sure good results in the Premier League. Recently the club is on the position number 13 of the Premier League with only 9 wins from 29 matches. So-called unlimited budget for transfers and possible jump in position would most likely turn Bin Salman into a hero.

Dictatorship is not expanding to England but the risk of legitimizing crimes is high

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