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Miguel Almiron is happy with the training changes made by the news boss

What did Almiron say?

While speaking to NUFC TV, [player 257663] said, “Talking about specific changes; well, I think the training sessions have been more dynamic and had more of an edge to them.

“The sessions have been really intense and I think that has been reflected on the field in the games.

“I think it helps us to be able to win the ball back much more quickly – which in turn allows us to be closer to goal and be able to create a few more chances.

“This is vital and it’s something we’ve been working on in training and we want to be able to implement it during games.”

He further added, “We were involved in quite a few games in [league 1114], and we have long distances to travel back and forth from international games too.

“But yes, right now I feel I am absolutely one hundred per cent fit and well. I’ve been feeling good physically when I’m on the pitch in games too; the same in training sessions.

“I think it’s been helping me that the training sessions have been so lively and conducted at a high tempo.

“I think that has been a good thing for me, as well as the whole squad. But I’m gradually feeling my way back to where I want to be.

“In the last game I featured for 85 minutes, and I felt great after that.”

What is the major difference between Steve Bruce and Eddie Howe?

[team 20] fans were getting so tired of Bruce. In fact, the appointment in the first place was a major step down after having [coach 455387] for quite some time. [coach 455377] spent a good few years at the club but was never backed by the fans. Not totally his fault as the owners were running the club into the ground and had appointed a manager who could just keep them up.

Bruce’s style of play was horrible for Newcastle fans. The club that has always had traditions of playing attacking football was playing a terrible style under Bruce. As much as the fans knew that the bad days were down to the owner, they still believed that Bruce could do a better job with the players at his disposal.

The new owners sacked Bruce and appointed an experienced [league 8] manager, Eddie Howe. Eddie Howe did an exceptional job at [team 52]. He achieved the things that their fans couldn’t have even imagined. [player 523911] got Bournemouth to the Premier League and kept them in it for a good few years on an extremely low budget.

The most impressive thing about his Bournemouth side was the way they played. It was high-intensity and attacking football with pacy wingers and technically gifted midfielders. They also finished in the top half under his guidance. During his time at Bournemouth, he was linked with the [team 19], [team 13]and [team 6]job. Still, he stayed at Bournemouth and eventually got relegated on the last day of the season. Despite the relegation, the job he did at Bournemouth was miraculous.

Since his arrival at Newcastle, the team has started to play better football. He has given good minutes to [player 2712], a big part of his Bournemouth side. He has also got [player 819] playing, a player with so much ability. They are playing 4-4-2 and, at times, a 4-4-1-1 with attacking full-backs. Under Bruce, it was a back five with wing-backs that hardly ever went forward. Bruce also played a very passive midfield which could never penetrate their opponents. The significant changes since Howe’s appointment have been the positivity in their team selection and the style of play.

With the right investment in January, he could keep them up and could excel next season by executing well in the transfer market.

What’s next for Newcastle United?

Newcastle United fans are finally given some hope after the Saudi takeover. The rich fanbase with a rich history was being torched by Mike Ashley. The brand new takeover has lifted the whole city with hope for the future.

However, despite all the hope and nostalgia around this takeover, there is a massive fear that the club could well go down to the championship. After a horrible start to the season under Bruce, the club was bottom of the Premier League until they finally won against relegation rivals, Burnley.

The two consecutive relegation six-pointers against [team 33] and [team 27] resulted in four points. Not so bad, considering the form they were in. They displayed great spirits against Norwich as they went down to ten men early but got a point out of the game. They are still joint bottom with Norwich and Burnley and three points behind 17th place [team 25].

Their upcoming games are difficult. Getting one point out of these games will be hard to imagine for the fans. They travel to the King Power Stadium next to face [team 42], who are in desperate need of points as well. Following Leicester, they go to Anfield to play against arguably the best side of Europe right now. They then have two back-to-back home games against [team 9] and [team 14] before facing Everton at the Goodison. They will then face mid-table sides for a few games, but until that point, it doesn’t look good for the Geordies.

Getting anything from the next four games will be great for Howe’s men but post these matches, the club will enter a huge second half of the season where staying up will be the only priority. Also, the January window will be significant as a good few signings could see them climb the table during the second of a nervy campaign.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With Eddie Howe’s arrival at Newcastle United, things had ti change massively in terms of their style of playing and things have majorly changed in training.

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