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Mertesacker says Arteta has to learn quickly to avoid the sack

What was said?

While speaking to The Beautiful Game podcast, [player 806] said, “I hope Mikel gets the time that he needs.

“When you look at it from a case of ‘first managerial job – Arsenal football club’, where you would hope you have people with experience to know how to deal with these adverse moments, how to deal with successful moments like winning the FA Cup.

“I think sometimes it is difficult to explain but what Mikel gives you is a hell of a lot of experience as an assistant coach under Pep Guardiola – he wanted to make that next step and people, hierarchies trusted him.”

“He presented himself as someone who wants to lead us into these difficult moments, so I could only agree, but if I had known, how he reacts to difficult moments – he needs to learn fairly quickly, let’s be honest.

“He needs to learn super, super quick because in football, and being manager of Arsenal football club – if you lose three games on the spin, you are in trouble.”

“You cannot have one or two moments of this, that’s the reality of the game and the football club.”

Why is Arteta frustrating for the fans?

For all the potential that he must be having, [team 19] fans are now getting tired of their manager. The project that started under [coach 307] back in 2019 has gone horribly wrong so far. The start to his managerial career was tremendous, with Arsenal winning the FA Cup. However, everything that has happened since is hard to rationalize.

Last season, they went on a terrible losing run in the [league 8]. Arteta was ever so close to getting the sack, but a boxing day win in the London Derby against [team 18] kept his job. From being so close to the bottom three, they went on a decent run and ended up finishing 8th.

This season, Arsenal spent the most money in the Premier League but surprisingly had no marquee signing. They spent over 100 million on youngsters. The only headline signing was [player 3259] from Brighton. [player 186370] is the only other marquee signing in the Arteta era, which happened last summer.

The first game against [team 236] was a disaster for the gunners, followed by two horrible defeats against Chelsea and [team 9]. Finally, they had some joy as they beat [team 33] and got their first points of the season. They followed the Norwich win by beating [team 27] narrowly as [player 26823] scored from a freekick.

Arsenal fans have had enough of Arteta. Despite spending over 100 million this summer, the performances are too poor. The two recent wins have bought some time for Arteta, but a couple of defeats in the League and he could be gone.

The frustration that Arenal fans are having is the lack of standard in the performances despite spending a fortune in the summer. The fans were also disappointed as they saw no big signing to give them some hope going into the season.

What’s next for Arsenal?

Arsenal face [team 301] in the [league 27] on Wednesday. We could see some rotation for Arteta as they face Tottenham next weekend. If Arteta wins the Carabao Cup, then that could make the fans happy and keep him in the job. However, the most important thing is to do well in the League.

They face [team 6] in the North London Derby, which could significantly impact their confidence for the following games. The games after the Tottenham game are quite favourable to gain some momentum. The gunners face Brighton, followed by Palace, before facing hosting Villa. These three games will be crucial for Arteta. If he picks up seven points, that would be enough to keep the fans happy.

However, it won’t be simple against any of these opponents for various reasons. [team 78] have started the season brilliantly under [coach 452683], winning four of their five games. [team 51] under Arsenal legend [coach 460451] have also shown plenty of promise. [team 15] have also been decent as their new signings have begun to prove their worth after [player 33716]’s sensational performance against [team 13].

These games will be followed by [team 42], who also have not had a great start to the season under [coach 896460]. That will be another crucial game for Arteta.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

Arsenal’s club legend, Mertesacker has spoken about Arteta by admitting that the young manager has to learn quickly.

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