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Manual for Sure bet calculator

Our sure bet calculator gives you the option to calculate the spread of stakes for any sure bets you find.

Please follow the 5 simple steps for safe use of the Sure bet calculator.

  1. Chose if you are about to calculate 2 ways result (e.g. over/under) or 3 way result (e.g. 1X2)
  2. Into the fields in the column “Odds” enter the odds provided by the bookies
  3. Into the field “Total amount you want to risk” enter the total stake you plan to bet
  4. In the column “Stakes” you will see how to spread the “Total amount you want to risk”
  5. In the column “Winnings” you see the financial outcome. If this amount is lower than you stake, it not a sure bet you found but a sure loss

Warning: Bookies odds can change in seconds. From our experience, sure bets can be only successful if you already have an account with the bookie. Going through the age and ID verification process usually takes too long (especially if you are from the UK).


Please follow the 4 simple steps of our Sure bet calculator manual

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