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Manual for Bookmaker’s profit, Market Margin and Bookmaker’s Payout calculator

The Bookmaker’s payout calculator is divided into 2 groups.

  • 3 way result – suitable for markets such as 1X2 and any other with 3 possible outcomes
  • 2 way result – suitable for markets such as over/under and any other with 2 possible outcomes

The tool is not suitable to calculate the results of markets such as exact score or any other market with more than 3 possible outcomes.

Besides the bookies payout, the tool can calculate bookmaker’s profit and market margin in sports betting.

Make sure the odds are in decimal format. If you only have them available in other formats, please use our odds convert tool.

We gave you the option to compare the results of up to 10 different odds. The only limitation is that you have to type the numbers in. Copy and paste from e.g. Excel is not possible.



Manual for Bookmakers profit, Market Margin and Bookmakers Payout calculator

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