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Manchester United vs Southampton predictions & betting tips

Hundreds of thousands in stakes have placed the punters on the home win of Manchester United. Looking at the ratio I must confess I have never seen anything like this. £434 350 on a home win of the Red Devils and only about 2 328 on a draw and away win of Southampton. The odds 31/100 (1.31) are not offering too much value from the mathematical point of view, but as I write in the football betting academy, there are fixtures you can consider clear matches.

Is Manchester United vs Southampton one of them? We believe it might be considered as a clear game but not as clear as the [fixture 11867578]. In any case we bet on the home win of Red Devils and hope for no more surprises of this round. We decided to place only this bet on Manchester United vs Southampton.

How was the round 35 so far? The [league 2] race is getting tight after the last round and there were some surprising results such as high, 3:0 loss of Chelsea with Sheffield. Not forgetting Liverpool’s draw to Burnley – but that was already a dead rubber game for the English champion.

You can access the details of the Manchester United vs Southampton match fixture via the prediction tab in match details or through the free football predictions section. The predictions are being calculated with sophisticated self learning algorithms delivered by real data scientists.

We believe Manchester United vs Southampton might be considered as a clear game but not as clear as Chelsea vs Norwich

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