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Man United great Gary Neville says he doesn’t want Conte at Man United

What did Gary Neville say?

Speaking with Sky Sports, Neville said, “I think the club will hold their nerve, I don’t think they’ve planned for a new manager this season.”

“I think they’ll get to the end of the season and stick with Ole until the end of the season.

“I know there will be a massive outcry from fans, from the media, from everybody, that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be sacked, and I can understand that after that game, it’s nowhere near good enough. It was a monstrously bad day and it takes some recovery.

“I think this club is a lot more stable in terms of the ownership.

“I’ve seen [coach 455375] come into this club and [coach 37523072] and been wholly disappointed.

“The reason the board will stay stable and go at least until the end of the season (with Solskjaer) is because of what happened with Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal.

“They won’t bring a hitman in again. A hitman who comes in and does a job for two years.

“They’re not going to do that at the club again. They’re going to stick with Ole until the end of the season, Ole’s got to win a trophy this season, I think they’ll stick with him until the end of the season but this is painful.

“In other part of Manchester United’s recent history, he’d have been in trouble but because of what’s happened with Van Gaal and Mourinho, and the change that’s happened, they’re not going to do that now.

“My point is Jose Mourinho was the best manager in the world when he came to Manchester United and he didn’t do it here.

“Conte’s available but I wouldn’t bring him to Manchester United. I wouldn’t bring him here now, I wouldn’t.

“I don’t think Antonio Conte is a fit for Manchester United. I don’t think he’s a fit.

“I might be wrong, they might bring him here tomorrow and I’d get behind him.

“We’ve seen a coach with a specific style like Louis Van Gaal didn’t work here. I’m not saying there isn’t a manager who can come to Manchester United and do well.

“And one day if Ole isn’t here, I hope it happens. But today, I personally think it would be wrong to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“I sacked a manager last season after six games. It was the wrong thing to do and I should have let it breathe. I should have waited until the end of the season and I think that’s what Manchester United will do.”

Is Gary Neville right?

Now it’s getting beyond the majority of United fans to defend Ole. Even for his best mates, it’s now on the stage where they cannot rationalize the decision to keep him at the club.

In spite of that, the world-famous pundit and former Manchester United legend, [player 585] has somehow managed to explain why the club shouldn’t sack Ole.

It’s hard to agree with anything he said during the post-match show with Sky Sports. There is no denying that under [coach 524307], United have progressed. Although, this is a debate for many as well but overall, he has done a fine job. The only criticism of him has been in huge games like finals and semi-finals where his tactics have worked poorly.

Under Solskjær, [team 14] have spent so much money to bring in new players. 85 million pounds for [player 2884] whose performances are inconsistent. Near around 50 million on [player 5252], 75 million on [player 538034] and 45 million on [player 95807]. Also, they signed [player 129602] for a high fee as well. Their net spend is much bigger than [team 8]’s under [coach 455353] who thrashed them 5-0 in their own backyard.

It’s clear that Solskjær cannot take them further. He has built a team of young talents and also a strong backbone. They are a team that should be challenging for every trophy they are in for.

No one’s saying that Solskjær has done a bad job at United but to say they should keep him is now beyond me. When a proven winner like [coach 455384] is available, keeping an average manager at the club is a stupid decision.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

After United’s 5-0 thrashing at Old Trafford in the hands of Liverpool, Neville has backed the board to keep Ole at the club.

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