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Maguire might not break the appearances record, doubts Solskjær

What did Ole Gunnar Solskjær say?

The Manchester United manager said, “Harry Maguire, he’s played every minute for us in the Premier League since he came.”

“I don’t think that’s possible now. That’s another stat that he could have been very, very proud of but I can’t really see that happening now.

“I feel for my players, I feel for the team, I feel for them. Having had this fantastic season, got to a final, I’m sat here answering these questions and not about the run-in. They’ve worked their socks off, they’ve been absolutely brilliant and I’m just very, very happy for them that we’ve got to this place.

“We just have to do the best we can, it’s another challenge for us and please, you can see I’m not happy with it, I’m not sulking, it’s one of them things that I know my players will take head-on and we as a group will be stronger for it when we come out of it.

“I just keep my fingers crossed that no one will get injured. That’s going to be my biggest concern, injuries.”

Manchester United’s tight schedule

[team 14] are entering a period where they will play 3 [league 8] games in the space of 5 days. The postponed game against [team 8] is set to occur on Thursday night with a trip to Villa Park tonight. In between the [team 15] game and the Liverpool game, they also face [team 42], making it incredibly harder for the players to keep up their fitness.

[coach 524307] was right in criticising the authorities who have put the club in a difficult position from a physical perspective. Besides, after [team 9]’s loss last night against [team 18], United still have a chance to win the title. The red devils have played two games less than the league leaders. By the time City play again, United already play thrice, which means the red half can overtake the blue half if they win all three games in an incredibly tight schedule.

With all of this at stake, Ole believes he might rest his captain, [player 2884], against Villa to keep his fitness high for the games against Leicester City and Liverpool. It will be disappointing for Maguire to not break a long-standing record but Ole’s decision is for the collective benefit.

With 4 games in quick succession, Solskjær hints that he may need to drop his captain against Aston Villa.

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