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Lukaku upsets Chelsea fans as he talks about his current situation at Chelsea

What did Lukaku say?

While speaking to Sky Sports, [player 995] said, “Physically I’m fine, even better than before. After two years in Italy, in which I worked a lot at Inter with coaches and nutritionists, I am physically fine.”

“I’m not happy with the situation and that’s only natural. The head coach has decided to play a different system and I mustn’t let up, I need to keep working hard and be professional.

“I’m not happy with the situation but I’m a grafter and I mustn’t let up.”

When asked if he would return to Inter, he replied, “I think everything that happened was not supposed to happen like this.”

“How I left Inter, how I communicated with the fans, this bothers me because it is not the right time now, but even when I left it was not the right time.

“Now I think it is right to speak because I have always said that I have Inter in my heart, I will return to play there, I really hope so.

“I am in love with Italy, this is rightly the time to talk and let people know what really happened without talking badly about people because I am not like that.”

“First I want to say a big apology to the Inter fans because I think the way I left should have been different. I had to talk to you first, because the things you have done for me, for my family, for my mother, for my son, are things that remain for me in life.

“I really hope in the depths of my heart to return to Inter, not at the end of my career, but at a still good level to hopefully win more.”

Is Lukaku right to speak to the press in this way?

First of all, one thing is clear that [team 18] are going through a sticky spell at the moment. Their form has dipped massively, and results have been poor. The main reason behind this downfall is injuries and covid cases. Several key players are out because of covid. Due to that, players who are not yet match fit are having to play at a high intensity, with games coming thick and fast during the Christmas period.

In the midst of a bad time, it’s all bout sticking and helping your teammates and the club to get through this patch. Lukaku, on the other hand, has done something unforgivable. If he thinks that his manager does not trust him for some reason, then he should work harder. Talking to the media and saying these sorts of things is hugely disrespectful to the club, the club’s fans, and his teammates and manager.

Chelsea play [team 8] on 2nd Jan at home in a game that could see one of the two sides out of the title race. Following that game, they face [team 9] on 15th Jan, in which they could close down the gap and could be back in the mix. Despite all the injuries and covid cases, [coach 523937] is good enough to get positive results out of these games. However, if the big characters in his dressing room act in a childish way, it could upset the whole morale of the squad.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

The highly-rated Belgian striker has come out with some bold words about his situation and Tuchel’s decision making.

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