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Liverpool reveal a £46 million loss! Where does it leave the club in their transfer plans?

What does the news say?

Defending Premier League champions, Liverpool football club have announced a pre-tax loss of £46m. This is for the financial year that ended in May 2020. This means that the club will be in a minus £88m swing from last year.

The situation among the big clubs is already not great, with the fans being furious regarding the now-cancelled European Super League. There have been a huge number of protesters outside Anfield recently. Besides, news of significant financial damage won’t help regain the supporters’ trust.

However, multiple reports have suggested that it is yet to get worse. Due to the global pandemic, loss of revenue from media as well as playing behind closed doors has made a big contribution to the issues. There are claims suggesting the loss might raise up to £120m by the time supporters are allowed back into the stadiums.

For the last few years, Liverpool’s business model has been a story of admiration and something several clubs are looking to replicate in their organizations. Significant financial growth, along with major trophies, was taking the club in the right direction.

However, the arrival of the unprecedented pandemic led to multiple financial issues. To add to the misery, a terrible season with multiple injuries to their star players has left the club fighting for an unlikely [league 2] spot for next season. Qualifying for the Champions League will be great for the club’s financial troubles. However, With regards to the league standings, getting into the top four now looks improbable.

What does this mean for Liverpool’s summer plans?

[team 8] squad’s average age is a problem that is being spoken widely about for almost eighteen months now. A potential rebuild for Klopp was coming, and it probably struck the club at the wrong time. The famous front three are close to thirty, and so many players from other areas are likewise close to or above thirty. This includes their skipper, [player 323], [player 1365], [player 31857], [player 1743], [player 197] and a few others.

A lot has been spoken about Liverpool’s decline this season which is also partly because of their depleted defence and midfield. However, the front three have also disappointed this season. [player 1389], arguably the best player in the [league 8] for a couple of years is one of their most underperforming player this season. [player 1461]’s form has been inconsistent for some time now. However, [player 4125]’s goalscoring has been fairly consistent every season. The Egyptian is just one goal behind [player 997] in the League’s top scorer rankings.

[player 159917] has been a phenomenal signing. The Portuguese’s goalscoring, as well as overall gameplay, has looked impressive. His work rate is another excellent asset.

However, a couple of young additions to the front line or in the midfield seems required. The time has come for the club to rebuild the squad and improve the average age massively. Strength in depth is always something Liverpool have lacked but not more than they did this season.

With the financial trouble, it could be a disappointing summer for the reds. Besides, a [league 5] campaign would be embarrassing for a side that was recently crowned as European champions and English champions. This all is going to add to the anger within the supporters. Maybe for another season, [coach 455353] will have to coach his way out of it.

With the fans already protesting against the owners, the latest news will hurt even more with the club now expected to not add much to their squad.

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