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Liverpool legend Carragher encourages Rafa to take charge at Everton

What did Carragher say?

While writing for the Telegraph, [player 13] said, “As [coach 455800] returns to [team 3468], Everton owner Farhad Moshiri will be wondering when he will next get the chance to appoint a former Real Madrid manager and [league 2] winner with Premier League experience.”

“How about immediately? Of the names instantly linked with Everton as the Ancelotti news broke, who is more qualified than my former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez?

“Rafa is available, settled in the area and I am sure he is ready if Moshiri is prepared to consider one of the more shocking managerial appointments in Merseyside football history.

“At the very least, Benitez should be under consideration as Moshiri begins yet another managerial quest. Not for the first time, before the owner decides the right candidate, he has to be clear of the football direction he wants to take.

“With Ancelotti, Everton pursued the tried-and-tested, proven experienced manager and stellar name. If that is what Moshiri still wants, Benitez is an obvious candidate.”

Rafa’s relationship with the Liverpool fans

We all remember the miraculous comeback win in the Champions League final in Istanbul. [team 113] led by three goals going into half-time. In the second half, we witnessed something beyond expectations, considering how the first half went. [team 8] lifted the European Cup after beating the Italian giants on penalties.

[coach 455387]’s tactical capabilities were the foundation of the success at Liverpool. They did fail to win the [league8] as they finished four points behind rivals [team 14]. [coach 50] also peaked under the Spaniard, and it was a solid team.

Rafa’s focus has always been on being solid defensively. A solid defence is the foundation of the teams Rafa has managed around Europe. He did a good job at [team 597] before Real Madrid came calling. In [country 32], Benitez struggled to replicate his success and was quickly dismissed.

Signed for [team 20] in 2016, where he was signed to keep them up. Something he failed to achieve. However, he stayed at the club and guided them to promotion in their first attempt. The following season in the top-flight, he remarkably finished 10th in their first season back in the Premier League. He moved to [country 5618] and managed there for a few seasons.

Throughout his career, Rafa has shown the quality of getting the best out of his players. It’s only at Real Madrid where he failed to achieve what he targeted. Maybe he plays a slightly pragmatic style of football more often, but it gets the best out of his players.

For [team 13], he would be an excellent signing, but it could slightly damage his relationship with Liverpool fans.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

The former Liverpool manager is available and with Ancelotti’s departure, Everton are looking for a proven manager.

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