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List of Liverpool’s possible history-making records in 2019/2020

Many fans think that the Premier League is already safe for Liverpool and as the time goes on, the Reds can take the foot off the gas to save some energy. But there is still some Premier League history to be made.

Following the list of Liverpool’s possible history-making records for the season 2019/2020.

1. The earliest possible Premier League title

In the first 25 matches, [team 8] managed to gain an incredible 73 points and with only one draw against [team 14], Liverpool is about to secure the PL trophy as the earliest team in history. This record is not only dependent on the results of the first team, but also on the second team results. History knows 3 teams getting the title with 5 games to spare. With the recent 22 points lead (City one game behind) the chance is high.


2. The highest count of scored goals

In the 2017/2018 season managed [team 9] managed to score an incredible 106 goals. With 14 more games to play there is some chance, but we believe, this one will the Reds not get. Manchester City in second position have already scored 65 goals. Indeed some victories with 5+ goals are still possible and could make a difference.


3. First German Coach getting the Premier League title

I really had to look up this one to make sure. In the Premier League history there have never been any German coach getting the PL title. The season 2018/2020 was for Jürgen Klopp very close, but this season no chance is given to not to.

4. Most consecutive wins on a home field

We wrote about Liverpool’s consecutive home win record in the last article already. The history can be made on 24th of February against the Newcastle.


5. Most consecutive wins in a row

We are now on the number 15 and there are still 3 more to be gained to equalize the record of Manchester City from the last season. Will the Reds secure this one as well? The next matches are against [team 33], West Ham, [team 25] and [team 52] ahead and that means a good chance.

6. Highest points score

Will the Reds break the 100 point season record held by Manchester City? The bookies support this with 5.5 odds.With 73 points, there are still 39 points to play for. That means the team can afford to lose 8 points. Not an easy task even for this team. Just remember, this is the [league 8] and most of the teams are simply better than Europe’s average.

8. Most home points in a season

What can we say about this one? There is still a chance to go without ANY point loss on home field during the whole season. I wish there were any bookies offering this bet.

9. Most away points in a season

So far only 2 points lost and the goal of the recent 50 away goals scored by Manchester City in 2017/2018 are in the focus.

10. Going the whole season without a loss

This one is held by the invincibles from Arsenal when in the season 2003/2004 the team gained the title with 26 wins and 12 draws. Is Liverpool going to join the club? Still some hard games to play.


Is the club of invincibles about to be joined by Liverpool? Will not be easy, but The Reds have the power to make it real.

List of Liverpool's possible history-making records in the season 2019/2020

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