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Lindegaard says Ericksen could change Manchester United’s fortunes

What did Anders Lindegaard say about Eriksen’s move to Man United?

While speaking to BBC Sport, [player 1322] said, “It’s a fairytale story.”

“No one would have seen that in a crystal ball, and I’m just so happy for Christian that he’s been able to make it back in such a great way. I’m very impressed, but not particularly surprised.

“Christian has got a special kind of mentality; a mentality that will suit United very much. He’s not in football for the fame, the money, the luxury lifestyle or showing off. Christian is in football for the love of the game – in a way that I don’t know anyone else is.

“For that reason mainly, he fits very well at United, which, looking from the outside, has turned into a club with a lot of diva mentality, a lot of players who have a lot of followers on social media – and you get the sense that becoming a part of Manchester United is part of getting more attention and personal branding.

“Christian comes in as a completely different character.

“He couldn’t care less about followers on social media. He couldn’t care less about fancy cars or expensive watches. All he cares about is playing football, enjoying football and making it into the beautiful game we all want it to be.”

What will Eriksen add to Manchester United’s midfield?

[player 992] is an attacking midfielder who has been one of the best midfielders in the [league 8] in the last few years. He was one of the most crucial parts of that excellent [team 6] team under [coach 455358].

Spurs were a possession-based side that relied heavily on midfield rotations to progress the ball. Eriksen was the most important player in that midfield when it came to beating pressure, opening up low blocks and scoring goals from the midfield.

After that tragic moment during the [league 1326] last year, he didn’t play for a while. Eriksen then made a comeback as Premier League side [team 236] signed him in January last season.

Brentford’s form during that time was poor, and they were dropping closer to the relegation zone. Eriksen’s signing is arguably the reason behind their survival in the top flight. He scored 1 goal and assisted 4 in 11 Premier League appearances. His influence on Brentford’s dressing room and the overall gameplay was massive.

He is a midfielder that possesses excellent versatility. Eriksen can play as a no.10, no.8, and deep-lying midfielder. His reading of the game and awareness are two world-class attributes, and his technique and flair are also top draw.

[team 14] have lacked a proper creative midfielder for years. Someone who can progress the ball vertically and have a calm head in high-pressure situations.

Fred sometimes provides that characteristic but hasn’t got the quality that Eriksen possesses. As we all know, Ten Hag will be desperate to impose a possession-based style into this United team; Eriksen would be an excellent player to have in that area. The experience he would bring in, along with the tactical versatility, is what any manager would love to have. Eriksen would also play a massive role in helping Bruno’s game, as having someone like Eriksen in the midfield would allow [player 129602] to push higher and make penetrating runs.

Overall, Christian Eriksen is an excellent addition to this United side.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Lindegaard believes that the club’s new signing, Ericksen could change Man United’s mentality.

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