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Limepack: Choose packaging that supports your companies branding



There is no doubt that advertising works. This requires both graphic work with a visual expression and the right message.

At Limepack, they specialize in branding on takeaway packaging, so your business gets more exposure.

Find the direction for your brand

If your brand is to have value, your actions in terms of marketing need to be well-thought-out. You need a strategy for the visual expression, where and when your logo should be displayed, and how the communication around it should be.

A large part of the strategy is how your logo should be visible on the products you sell. If it’s food or drink, you need to think about whether your logo should be on the packaging.

At Limepack, you can get quality packaging with your very own logo.

Largest selection

If it fits into your strategy that your logo or slogan should be on the packaging of the products you sell, then it’s obvious to contact Limepack.

Limepack simply has a wide range of packaging for takeaway food and drinks that can be printed with a logo. It can be made in exactly the design you want, and they are happy to help with the design process too.

Many different options

If you have decided to get packaging for your food or drink with a logo, then there are many options at Limepack.

They have sushi boxes, noodle boxes, various cones for different kinds of food, plastic cups in various sizes, napkins, and bags for transporting food, and much more. Just identify and describe your needs, and Limepack can deliver tailor-made packaging.

Cups are popular

A person with a takeaway cup in their hand has become a completely normal sight in the streets of all major cities. The takeaway cup is an obvious place to brand, as many automatically look at the cup – also if it’s left somewhere. At Limepack, you can also benefit from this advertising when the packaging has a logo.

Over time, it will undoubtedly have a really good effect on your branding when packaging, bags, and the like have your logo, making it visible in the street scene. Contact Limepack to get your own tailor-made packaging for your company’s products

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