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Lauren says Partey cannot be compared to Vieira and Gilberto

What did Lauren say?

Speaking in association with BonusFinder, Lauren told Goal, “We have to avoid comparisons because [player 460451] is Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva is Gilberto Silva, two world-class players.

“We have to look forward and back Thomas Partey for who he is, he’s a different player in a different squad. We cannot compare Partey with Vieira or Gilberto Silva because it’s not the right way to look at things.

“Partey is a quality player and he’s proved that at [team 7980] and since he’s arrived, he’s been brilliant.

“We have to hope he avoids injuries because a player like Partey needs to play every single weekend and the team will benefit if he does.

“He still has a lot of potential to get better, so the more he plays then the more likely he’ll reach those levels we expect of him.”

Lauren further spoke about Partey’s significance in this Arsenal side saying, “He’s very important for those players in a 4-2-3-1 formation, I didn’t think the 4-1-4-1 against [team 3477] in the [league 5] suited this team.

“Partey is better as a two and allowing his partner to be more advanced and it also helps the likes of [player 1494446] and [player 26823].

“He balances the back four by giving protection and balances the forward players because they have freedom to go forward.

“It’s important he plays in this role to get the best out of him, but we have to keep our fingers crossed that he doesn’t pick up any more injuries.”

How good can Partey be for Arsenal?

We all remember [player 186370]’s sensational debut, don’t we? His tremendous performance against [team 14] in a 1-0 win was key for his side. Right after the game, social media went crazy and it was all about Partey. A lot of people were tagging him as the ‘next Vieira’. This was due to the way he bossed the midfield against Man United in the [league 8]

For several years, [team 19] have lacked a proper no.6 which has become arguably the most important position in modern football. Great teams have consistently proven the significance of a top-class no.6. In fact, Partey’s arrival was a massive shock. Some other major European clubs were also in for him who were closer to silverware than Arsenal. However, the midfielder liked [coach 307]’s plans for him.

For the last 12 months, Partey has been consistently injured. In that time, Arsenal have been a shambolic side for some time now. His influence in the midfield was the base of Arteta’s system which was built around Partey.

[player 1887], [player 186734], [player 538907] and a few other players have deputized for the injured Partey. However, no one has convinced fans or the manager himself. Xhaka is a great passer of the ball, but he has got a hot head and gets sent off for fun. His defensive awareness is poor as well. If played alongside Partey, he would also look like a decent player. However, without a reliable figure alongside him, there was a major hole in the side.

Partey’s return against [team 27] showed how important he is for that system. In a group of young, inexperienced players, Partey’s presence is important both on and off the field. His awareness and strong anchoring are key. Also, his personality off the field is pivotal for the growth of young players.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With Partey’s constant injury issues restricting him from proper game time, Lauren has had his say on the comparisons that are being made in the media.

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