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Lampard says no regrets about taking Chelsea job

What did Frank Lampard say?

Speaking to The Telegraph, [coach 95] said, “It’s always going to be a fact as a manager when you leave a club, there will be some players who did not play so much and they might have a feeling or a judgement on how you work and they can make statements.”

“For me, I have to expect that as much as I expect the good statements from players who are really positive about how you work. I’ve got no big issue with that.

“I’ve seen some quotes saying that Frank Lampard took this job with his heart. I absolutely didn’t. I don’t make any professional decisions with my heart. Maybe I’m the absolute opposite of that.

“I’ll go over them a hundred times in my head, but I certainly didn’t with my heart. I took it with a pragmatic view of: ‘what’s the situation? OK, this is Chelsea, I’m going from Derby to Chelsea.’ Not many managers would turn that down head or heart, let’s get it right.”

What did Jorginho say about his former boss?

A few weeks ago, Chelsea’s Italian midfielder, [player 129511] made some blunt comments about Lampard. His point was that the former Derby manager was not experienced enough to manage at a club of Chelsea’s level.

Speaking to ESPN, the Italian international said, “Look, I’ll be really sincere here on Lampard. I believe, given he was a legend at the club, he skipped some steps necessary for learning before moving to a big club.”

“He came to a club where he is a legend, without having experience at other clubs. I think he came too soon, skipped a few steps ahead and wasn’t ready for a job at this level, to be honest.”

Lampard’s Chelsea managerial tenure

Frank Lampard is one of Chelsea’s greatest players of all time. Arguably, he is their Premier League’s best-ever player. As a player, he came to Chelsea as a youngster from [team 1] and had his breakthrough season under [coach 455375].

The attacking midfielder was known for his immense goal-scoring and tremendous work rate. He is the highest goal-scoring midfielder in the Premier League. Interestingly, Lampard has more goals than the likes of [player 518], [player 31] and [player 2]. However, Frank did have a lot of seasons in the English top-flight.

He took the [team 18] head coach job when the club was in a difficult position. Previous manager, [player 455926], departed as he signed for Italian giants [team 625]. The club were penalised with a transfer ban after breaching the FFP regulations.

Lampard’s side were expected to finish outside the top four spots at the start of the 2019/20 [league 8] season. The club legend had a difficult job in his hands as he had to play many academy players who were inexperienced at this level.

[player 537121], [player 3139], [player 581220], [player 4655] were the main players in this case. Also, [player 6599973] was another exciting prospect. Lampard had to prepare them for a big season ahead as finishing in the top four was the objective.

Lampard did an unbelievable job as he managed to finish in the top four. He accomplished it by playing a young squad that included multiple individuals for whom it was a breakthrough season.

The following season, The club provided Frank with a high budget. Werner and Havertz were the two headline signings. The blues also signed [player 24288] on big money from [team 629]. They signed [player 99137] and centre-half [player 95792] as well. Also, left-back [player 1601] was signed for a big amount.

With all the financial backing, now Lampard was under pressure to deliver silverware. The season started well, but the form soon dipped, and Chelsea were far off the top-four positions. Headline signings like [player 31823] and [player 32612] were underperforming, and results were not encouraging.

As a result, the club legend was sacked, and [coach 523937] was brought in. The side’s progress under the German manager has been incredible. They reached the [league 24] final, eventually losing [team 42] along with reaching an extraordinary [league 2] final against domestic rivals, [team 9]. They also look set to finish in the top four.

It’s debatable if sacking Lampard was the right decision or not. However, the decision to bring in Tuchel has so far looked as correct as it could have been.

With plenty of pundits claiming that the club legend was not ready for the job, Frank defends his decision and has no regrets.

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