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La Liga to start end of May

The latest news from [league 564] suggests 3 possible scenarios. Competition president Javier Tebas revealed that he is working on several scenarios. “Maybe La Liga will be renewed on May 29, but it can be June 7 or even June 28.”

The process starts with testing all players on April 28 and 29. After that the players should be tested every 3 days.

Not all players share the enthusiasm. [player 251] from [team 3468] thinks the restart of La Liga should be postponed. [country 32] is one of the most affected countries by Coronavirus. Up till April 24, the country has over 214 000 registered Coronavirus cases and almost 22 500 deaths. Latest numbers showed some increase in daily cases reaching over 4 500 new patients.

Gareth Bale and some other players don't share the enthusiasm

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