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Klopp says Oxlade-Chamberlain and Keita must stay at Liverpool!

What was said by Jurgen Klopp?

The Liverpool boss spoke about his two midfielders saying, “Very valuable! It’s all about being available and using the momentum and stuff like this, that’s football. It doesn’t make you a worse player or whatever. Without luck in life, you are really on the wrong side of a lot of things, and when you get injured in the wrong moment, the football train never waits. So we have to be really on top of that, that we try to keep them really in the best possible shape, stuff like this. But the quality of the players was never in doubt.

“Come on, if you think about these two players and you go through the strengths they have, that’s a book of its own, you can just write a book about that. Great to have them. That’s life and that’s football – you get the chance, you better use it. It will not be the last, especially not in our case the last, but it makes more sense to use it immediately.

“Then you have another game, another game and another game, that’s how it is. But there are obviously a lot of good football players in our squad and we will change independent of performances in the last game, just for intensity reasons, but that’s obviously now a little bit early.

How important is it for Liverpool to keep them?

We all know how disappointed [team 8] fans are due to the departure of [player 1365]. The Dutchman was one of their most consistent performers for the last four years. During Liverpool’s [league 2] run of 2019, his performances were influential. He scored two goals against [team 83] on that historic night at Anfield. Also, he was one of the biggest parts of the [league 8] winning side.

The midfielder has now moved to [team 591], where he has joined the likes of [player 184798], [player 186320], [player 96611] and [player 184941]. However, his departure from Merseyside wasn’t based on a new challenge or PSG’s lure. As simple as it was, he wanted a higher wage offered to him, which the Liverpool board constantly rejected, culminating in his move away to Paris. It was disrespectful of the owners to treat one of their heroes in this way, and the fans will only forgive the hierarchy if a major signing is made.

However, as we stand right now, it is unlikely that Liverpool will sign anyone. Their midfield now looks slightly underwhelming, given Wijnaldum’s exit. As questionable the situation, there is a huge chance for someone to make their place. Against [team 33], a midfield three of [player 197], Oxlade-Chamberlain and Keita started and had a fine game. It was nervy for fans to see no one out of [player 96099], [player 31857] and [player 323] in the starting lineup.

With Wijnaldum’s exit, Thiago will have to step up and boss that midfield in his way. However, [coach 455353] cannot play the same team every three days. Hence, Alex and [player 32640] will have a huge role to play this season.

People forget at times that these two had a great start to their Liverpool career, especially [player 850]. However, both of their’s impressive starts were ended in long-term injuries. Both looked quite sharp against Norwich City, and on their best, both of them are superb talents.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

After rumours about both midfielders looking for a move away, the manager has come out and made his intentions clear.

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