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Klopp says Kelleher will start the Cup final against Chelsea!

What did Klopp say?

Explaining this decision, [coach 455353] said, “As always, if it works out, then it’s all about Caoimh.”

“If it doesn’t work out, then it’s all about me. It’s as easy as that, and I take it.

“It’s just a thing we have to do because of the quality Caoimh has.

“We want to keep him as long as somehow possible, knowing that, from our point of view, the best goalkeeper in the world is our number one.

“Caoimh is an exceptional goalkeeper, and we want to keep him here. And for that, he needs games. These games are his competition, and there’s no chance of him not playing.”

Is Klopp making the right decision?

Before entering into the analysis of both goalkeepers, we all know that [player 129820] is arguably the best goalkeeper globally, and Kelleher is far away from that level. Alisson’s contribution to all the success in this [team 8] side is as important as any player in the squad.

However, whenever [player 896225]  has been called upon, he has done a solid job. He is not as big and physically dominant as Alisson but has quick reflexes and is a slightly less aggressive keeper compared to his Brazilian teammate. Kelleher is more of a shot-stopper than a distributor but having said that; he is not bad when it comes to using his passing skills.

The one part where I am concerned with this decision is the aggressiveness of both goalkeepers. Even though Liverpool have been fabulous for the last few weeks in the [league 8] and [league 2], there were times when their mad high line caused issues. However, due to the experience and brilliance of Alisson, they were saved.

I am not sure if Kelleher will be able to rectify that side of the game. [team 18] have an abundance of pace and trickery going forward. Without any doubt, we all know that [coach 523937] will target Liverpool’s high line and utilize the space in behind. [player 995], [player 31823], [player 32438] and even [player 537121] are all quick players.

Of course, [player 1743] and [player 100556]/[player 1920] are also rapid and will take care of the situation. However, if Chelsea manage to break the trap, then the fans will have less confidence in Kelleher saving the day for the reds.

Having said all that, it’s clear that Klopp is doing justice to the keeper who has brought them to this final. Kelleher surely deserves this opportunity, and this could potentially be the biggest of his short career so far.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the huge match just a couple of days away, Klopp has confirmed that Alisson won't be starting the game.

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