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Klopp makes a final appeal to keep Wijnaldum

According to 90min, [coach 455353] has made a final plea to the [team 8] board to reach an agreement with [player 1365] with the midfielder’s contract up at the end of this season. The negotiations have been going on for a long period now, and the club has failed to reach an agreement with the player.

“[It is] really difficult [to leave] because if that happens you leave a team who you really love, a team you share a lot of years together and where you feel really comfortable,” he said when asked about his contract situation.

“It will be difficult but you don’t know the situation, why you have to leave it always depends on the situation. But I would be devastated that I don’t play with this team anymore, that is for sure.”

Why haven’t they reached an agreement yet?

Wijnaldum has been one of Liverpool’s most consistent performers for the last five years. He was one of Klopp’s first signings as the Liverpool manager. However, the negotiations haven’t ended as the midfielder believes he deserves higher wages than what the club has offered.

Wijnaldum has admitted that he wants to stay at Anfield. However, the new deal’s offered wages are not appealing enough for him. Klopp has always admired the work that Wijnaldum has put in consistently for him. The Dutchman is one of the scorers in the historic 4-0 win against [team 83] at Anfield.

Along with Klopp, Wijanldum knows that he is a crucial player for Klopp’s side. Especially during this injury crisis, the 30-year-old has been one of the most critical players for Liverpool. On various occasions, he has been given the armband and most recently during the injury crisis.

Overall, he believes that he should be credited with higher wages for his work at the club. However, Liverpool are unlikely to offer him higher wages given his age. According to various reports, Wijnaldum has reached a verbal agreement with [league 564] side Barcelona for a potential move. His former national team coach, [coach 455372], has always spoken highly of him and wants him to join his project to reinvent the Spanish giants.

Liverpool have reportedly begun their research for a potential replacement if they fail to convince Wijnaldum to stay. [team 78]’s [player 96870] is one of the top names on the list, along with [team 21]’s [player 64193]. There are a few links outside the [league 8] but Liverpool will probably look within the English top flight. However, Liverpool are still focusing on convincing Wijnaldum to stay.

According to reports, the Liverpool boss has made a final plea to the owners to re-sign the Dutch midfielder with Barcelona ready to take the advantage.

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